Earning Link Citations: The New Approach to SEO

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  • Cheers Ross, I recall Rand was the first person to coin the phrase “Link Earning”. As well as social media we find another effective way to share content is through distributing press releases.

    • Rand is fantastic – always very insightful without over-complicating things. I love his his Whiteboard Fridays – the’yre a great way to keep up with new ideas in SEO.

  • So far I’ve found guest blogging to be the most productive way to produce more links and build traffic. It’s an effective way to build a platform, but it’s a lot of work and probably not for everybody.

    • It’s true, Matt, guest blogging can be a lot of work – but it can give you some great visibility. I think it’s a good way to gear your ideas and concepts to a different target audience, depending on the blog you are guest-writing for.

  • These are all great ways to earn links. I have also found guest blogging to be the most productive even if it takes a lot of work. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great Stuff Ross,
    I found social media and guest blogging is the most effective way to produce more traffic for the business and to get a quality links. In addition to this, as you have discussed about the partner linking these values but it’s an uphill task to convince other firm’s to promote us on their website.

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