Don’t Get Burned by an Inadequate SEO!

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  • Hear! Hear!! What a great article! Thanks for sharing. It is an ever changing changing industry. I’ll admit it is hard to keep up at times but, necessary none the less.

    • Hey, Matt… Just checked out “TheBeast” social media. Nice work on the site; and a great ‘vibe’ there, even in the “About” page and the few blog posts I scanned. All the best to you guys!

  • Great article Ron! 6 out of 10 of our engagements are cleaning up another “SEO’s” mess. The other four start by convincing the client that we all aren’t selling snake oil.

    • Hey, Chad. Hope you guys at GMAC Group are doing well. I enjoyed cruising your blog and your site! Go get ’em!! Glad you’re getting business from some that have been burnt in the past!

  • I get probably at least 10 emails per day of companies offering their SEO services and “guaranteeing” page 1 results. I’ve replied back to a few of them and asked them if they worked for Google or were Matt Cutts’s personal assistant since it would be impossible for them to guarantee me such nonsense in 2 months by doing the tired and tried list of crap they offer for $xx/mo. So if you want to label yourself as an “ethical” SEO Company, here’s a tip: Don’t guarantee me first page results in 2 months before you know anything about my site or what it needs…or you will be deleted just like the others!

    • Mike, it’s sad but true: there will always be SEO services making these promises, and getting contracts from naive business owners. They’ll do some work, blast out a bunch of low-quality content, and eventually get fired due to lack of results. But they find enough naive customers to keep them going.

  • Great article! I totally agree with your interpretation about good and inadequate SEO. I feel that SEO has (and always was for that matter) a tool to help set a strong foundation for a site. What it was incorrectly used for was a marketing event. Thanks for your insight!

    • Thanks, Steve. It’s good to be hearing from others involved in marketing, who are glad to move away from the black and grey hat tactics. Hope things are going well at Unconditional Marketing!

  • I take my hat off to you, Ron.. for exposing these inconvenient truths. I have encountered this inadequate type and it was my gut instinct that saved me. I thought to myself, ‘that’s simply too good to be true’. In the end, it’s not the quantity that matters; but the quality. Context is the new king, so let the real conversation begin!

    • Hello, Shaleen. Hope things are going well at SeventhMan. I actually oversee our Asia operations for Shift Digital, so we might intersect someday!
      Like you said: “inconvenient truths”. Glad you avoided the heartbreak of hiring a bad SEO group!

  • I’m really sorry to hear you’re getting ripped off. We’ve helped others in your same situation. I’ll try to contact you through your PremierLegal site. Let’s see if we can help you.

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