The Dirty Secret about Social Media and SEO

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  • I saw in April 2013 that a small, bland SEO agency website had unbelievable organic search positions. Dozens of #1 search positions about Search Marketing that cost $20+ click on AdWords. The site had something like 77,000 Twitter followers from 3 tweets and over 8,000 Likes from 2 posts. I came upon this site when someone with this website spammed me with Comment Blog Spam. So either thousands of Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes drove the incredible organic search visibility, or Blog Comment Spam did.

    I realize this happened before Matt Cutts posted that video.

  • Social may drive traffic and engagement to your page, via a link. This traffic and engagement IS part of the ranking algo. So, chicken or egg, you can’t have one without the other at some point.

  • With all due respect, I think you have either misunderstood or misrepresented Matt Cutts’s statement. Let’s take another look at the quote…

    “as far as doing special specific work to sort of say “you have this many followers on Twitter or this many likes on Facebook”, to the best of my knowledge we don’t currently have any signals like that in our web search ranking algorithms.”

    All he says in this sentence is that the number of likes a Facebook page has and the number of followers a Twitter profile has doesn’t impact search rankings. He does NOT say that the number of likes, shares, or retweets a piece of content has are not factored into search rankings.

    He also does NOT say that +1s and G+ shares are not factored into search rankings. These absolutely impact search rankings.

  • Agree. Agree. Agree…and well put. Thank you…it’s was worth saying and repeating.

    If ABC Dog Grooming does all of it’s traditional SEO properly, on and off-page, their domain would presumably do well in Google searches – perhaps ranking number 2 for some searches for their services. They’d be enjoying the traffic that results.

    Now let’s say they have 700 followers on Facebook. Will those followers cause Google to bump that #2 result to #1 (all other signals being about equal)?

    No – as your article indicates.

    So where’s the difference?

    ABC Dog Grooming has those followers because they are active on Facebook on a regular basis connecting with their loyal fan base…during the course of that connecting – Google lists, as their 3rd result the following link:

    Boom! Keep connecting ya’ll…and keep writing Daniel – good stuff

  • The shares, likes, or retweets of a post on your website absolutely is a factor in the search engine results for that post. All Cutts says is that the number of Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans does not impact search results. This is why it did not cause much of a ripple in the SEO world.

  • I think the fact that the author keeps conflating Google SEO with SEO in general indicates a lack of expertise in the matter.

    I understand that Google probably comprises the #1 source of organic search traffic for most US websites, but just as you wouldn’t confuse Gmail with all email providers, you shouldn’t confuse Google with all search engines, so you certainly shouldn’t state categorically that social media signals have no bearing on SEO results.

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