Could Social Media Be Killing SEO?

That’s a scary thought isn’t it? Anyone who monitors or works first-hand with their brand’s SEO might have to stop and take a step back to consider this question: How does social media really impact SEO, and search results in general?

It’s Not Social vs. SEO At All

Never fear!

While social media and the data that comes from its use (social signals) are important, they are not direct threats to SEO. In all actuality they enhance SEO by coming in as more of a player on the internet / content marketing side of things.

Social signals & keywords

Social signals are not in direct competition with keywords because they are two different types of information.

Social signals come from shared content. What does content contain? That’s right, keywords. More and more it looks like instead of squaring off against one another, social signals and SEO are actually interconnected and working together.

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Bringing Social Media into the Fold

As SEO’s we should not be holding Social Media at arm’s length, but rather bringing it into our operations and making it feel at home. Because when you look at it, social signals are just one more thing that can be used to fuel our efforts to reach the coveted #1 spot!

Each social media site affects search differently

Why? Because each presents a different kind of content. Social Media allows for the opportunity to create content on an entirely new scale. Before, we were all focused on creating awesome content like videos, blog posts, articles, and maybe even a few podcasts. We then encouraged others to share our wealth of knowledge and at the same time engaged in the same pursuit ourselves, but with much more limited means of doing so.

All social media has done is make content distribution and awareness raising even easier!

It’s All About Language

Search engines still function much the same as they have in recent memory. A user puts in a search query (usually a keyword or a keyword-rich phrase), hits “enter” and there are their results! The only thing that has changed is what exactly influences the rankings that determine which sites show up highest on the list.

This is all done through ridiculously complicated analysis of too many factors to name (read: Google’s algorithm) which still rely on the language a person has used in their search.

Don’t neglect traditional SEO

While social signals are important, don’t get so caught up in working with them that you neglect your normal SEO practices. SEO is all about credibility. Integrate social signals into your routine and use them to help enhance the credibility of your brand through active engagement with your friends, fans, and followers.


What role does social media play in your SEO?

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  • Great post Dave, you’re completely right!

    I’m still aghast when I hear or read about businesses who aren’t embracing social media. I’ve seen quite a vast increase in indexed pages and site traffic coming in for clients because of social media; it all adds that bit of extra strength that smaller businesses need in SERPs.

    I for one am very excited about what 2013 will bring for social media.

  • Hello Dave, nicely written article! A hoax was made few months back about death of SEO. Not true at all.
    But on that basis, I wrote an article about what is the future of SEO. Here is the link:
    Would like to know your thoughts.
    Thank you!

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