Common SEO Mistakes

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  • I could probably name another 1000! Just a few

    – using loads of flash
    – canonical indifference
    – little content
    – filter function attributes – duplicate urls?
    – clone title tags
    – clone content
    – meta tag obsession
    – failure to vary anchor text
    – indexing tags and categories and archives
    – EMD issues
    – using scraped content

    oh wow.. I could probably go on forever!

    Good post

  • Some really good points out there. Keep up the good work. Here’s my view point on this.

    SEO is ever changing and is not a one-time process. You need to be on your toes, keep yourself updated on the latest trends and tactics and apply the same. But very often they tend to forget basic tips and tricks which leads to a penalty from Google.

    In this era where Google is pushing for major reforms to make the web a better place, I would recommend every webmaster and individuals to build a diverse link profile from credible sources. This should and must include directories, social bookmarking sites, guest blogging, niche directories etc.

    Also one other thing that everyone out there must emphasize on is good unique and quality content. During my SEO experience I have come across many sites having very poor content with lots and lots of keyword stuffing in place. This should be strictly avoided at all costs. Instead focus on providing value to your users.

    All the best. Ashley Steve.

  • Creating a sitemap helps your site be indexed properly, so I would say a common mistake is no sitemap.

    Another common mistake is thinking meta keywords matter anymore. Do the keyword research but put them in your title tags and meta DESCRIPTIONS not keywords

  • Daniel, that’s something that some people might argue with you about. While I know most people laugh at meta tags these days, who is to say its not still one of the smaller ranking factors? It might just work differently than it used it… ;)

  • I’d have to say the biggest mistake when it comes to SEO is creating a site purely to manipulate rankings with no though put into creating a quality site with great content and user experience. This should always be the main focus.

  • Focusing on the search engine and not the visitor is probably one of the worst mistakes that people continually make. It does you nothing to rank well if you are not providing the right information, or the information that you are providing is incoherent to those that find your site.

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