Bing Ads Solution Center Looks To Compete With Google In 2014

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Whether or not it is in an effort to keep up with Google or one-up them, Bing has a whole new set of tools under its new “Bing Ads Solution Center.” With Google’s new, not so nice removal of keyword effectiveness, a la “not provided” keyword overview in acquisitions which accounts for as much as 90+ percent of what analytics users were once thrilled to be privy to, Bing is stepping up its game.

The Bing Ads Solution Center allows its users to ensure their online growth via bettering their ad placement while also offering them the ability to very effectively and easily offer up both live and static Webinars, press releases, blogs, and other newsfeed items that involve their business and their industries specifically, and of course, make their white papers visible to the public at large. It makes it easy for consumers to not only find advertisers to click on a company’s ads, but it also makes it possible for them to find out everything they need to know about them by researching without spending hours investigating across various websites and other search engine archives. And let’s face it, when someone wants to spend a lot of money on something, with the Internet at their fingertips, they will spend a surprising amount of time online checking out reviews and gumshoeing around until they find what they want to know about a given company, regardless of size or how great their website or Facebook page looks.

And maybe the coolest thing about the Bing Ads Solution Center is that is driven by the desire to assist small business owners and enhance their online success. Whether you are a business owner just getting your feet wet, or you’re one of those veteran mom and pop shops, the Bing Ads Solution Center is a great way to consolidate all of your online advertising needs while also offering you all manner of support, including email blast newsletters, updated video blasts to help small business owners understand changing trends in online advertising, and more.

It does mean that users of the solution center will have to have some level of online moxie, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist (or data scientist—yes, those do exist) to understand how to use this new Bing ad system. While this is true, a lot of the businesses that the new ad solution advent from Bing brings the major advantages to are those enterprises that specifically involve IT, the finance industry, communications, and more.

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But perhaps most interestingly for today’s current events is the ad solutions for healthcare services, which will certainly help those medical insurance companies competing within the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) exchange. From one state to the next, each of these insurance companies must still be as competitive as they were pre-Obamacare, they must also then still be able to represent themselves as competitively online, which Bing Ad Solution Center helps them do perhaps better than even Google. Because they offer numerous resources and answers to questions where Google has decided to take away answers, the new Bing attitude could really create an influx of new users in the healthcare industry and the wellness world especially.

For those who run the marketing departments within their respective companies, especially small and medium sized entities and those in the tech and even automotive industries, among others, it might be time to loosen the reigns on what Google AdWords and Analytics are offering you. It is absolutely worth considering the new Bing platform for advertisers, and Bing makes it easy to understand. In addition, Bing servicers are far more responsive than the Google AdWords and Analytics teams, which unfortunately, since the change to the Hummingbird algorithm, have been less and less helpful, while also taking away a lot of the information that small businesses depended on to understand their online traffic.

Perhaps best of all, the new Bing ad system has already alerted users and the press that they plan to continuously upgrade and better the system, deploying more and more valuable additions to their ad-user portals as the program progresses into 2014. Only time will tell if Google will retract its aforementioned “not provided” keyword information holdout, but it seems that it is certainly time for Bing to be taken a lot more seriously as an ad provider, certainly when we consider all new (and pretty great) Windows-based phones that default to Bing as their search engines.

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