Best SEO Practices for Twitter and Facebook

It is critical that you optimize your social presence so that people can find you easily. You know that it is important to do that; however, you should also have an understanding of why it is so important.

If you don’t start out by having a clear understanding of why it is so important for your business that you optimize effectively, you will be faced with obstacles that may prevent you from accomplishing your goals as quickly and easily as you would like.

Connecting social media sites and searches

The first question that you need to answer is why you feel that it is important for you to connect your social media sites and how they relate to searches. Your objectives are actually quite simple.

  • What do you need to do to get your pages to rank higher? 
  • What do you need to do to get your website to rank higher because of your social media connections

One fact that is undeniable is that there has been a tremendous increase in activity with interactive social media sites.  Many well-known brands have gotten involved with interactive social media sites and it is really making a difference to their success. Businesses have finally started to understand the need to be involved with social media because it is advantageous for their businesses.

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Getting your pages to rank higher

Links are a very important element when it comes to getting your pages to achieve high rankings. There are many different links that are valuable and that will add value to whatever content you are offering. Providing links in your content that lead back to your website is the easiest way to drive new online traffic to you so that you can start to interact and build relationships. It will give you instant gratification.

Don’t be afraid to…

Use brand names in your articles. The search engines will pick up the brand names easily and your rankings will increase. That is along the same lines of effectiveness as using the best keywords and key phrases so that you achieve the best possible results and get the most positive reactions from your readers. It is very important to remember that you should think in human terms rather than in robot terms when coming up with keywords and key phrases.

Earn as many “likes” as possible

The search engines are really big on “likes.” This will earn you good rankings. Search engines are designed so that they pick up on that. Of course, you may have to work hard on the front end when it comes to earning the “likes”; however, if you can get a lot of people to “like” your page, you will be rewarded by the rankings that the search engines give you. You may have to get creative in order to earn them. You can use humor or some other type of engaging content that truly gets you noticed.

Come up with  your own formula for success

Your main goal (and actually, it is everyone’s goal) is to come up with a way to use your online social influence in a way that impacts your particular assets in the most positive manner possible. It is not enough to be involved with social media; however, business owners should choose the most popular ones (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, for example) to be among their list of social media channels with which they are involved. It is an unbeatable formula. If you are involved with those channels, you will figure out very quickly that you have chosen well for your business.

Use the simple approach

The reason that people want to connect with you is that they are interested in what you are offering. When they connect with you, it is the perfect opportunity for you to invite them to your website and dazzle them as much as you can. You can invite them to connect with you, “like” your page, follow you, and show them your pages and products and/or services.


The connection between social media and searching is a strong and a natural one. Social media is strong enough at this point to be able to be taken seriously by the search engines. Many businesses have realized that social media is good for their business and that it will help them to become even more successful. However, there are still many other businesses that don’t fully understand how impactful social media can be for them. Hopefully, they will start to understand how powerful it is and they will see the need to commit to working it for their businesses. SEO is a piece of the entire puzzle, which everyone is trying to piece together all of the time.

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  • Nathan says:

    Leveraging you blog or content on your website is one of the best ways to create natural internal linking opportunities and social signals. Just make sure you have social share buttons so people that enjoy your content can share it! Also make sure you use a related content slider or have related posts to keep visitors engaged and on your site longer.

  • I do agree with the premise of the SEO expert. SEO as it has been done and promoted by so called, ” gurus ” is dying. Content is King. Google has always valued high quality content and is the backbone of what they are looking for.

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