Bad SEO Could Be Bringing Down Your Business

Can Bad SEO Bring Down Your Business?


What do you mean by “bad SEO”?

In essence, bad SEO is any SEO technique or practice that is unsustainable in the long term and does not contribute anything of value to the greater world of the internet. Many things that are thought of as being “Black hat” could fall under the “bad SEO” label.

An example would be comment spam; comment spam is found on blogs and forums all over the web and is characterized by poor grammar and generic phrasing that would allow it to be applied to just about any blog post. Then the obligatory link is crammed in there somewhere to complete the package. These comments do not contribute to the discussion taking place regarding the original post, and in many cases they’re not even left on blogs or forums that are relevant to the website the links points to.

In light of Google’s updates over the past year, what’s the point?

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There isn’t one.

Practicing any kind of spam isn’t going to do you or your website any favors, and it can lead to severe penalties if you are caught doing it. With such a low likelihood of success, and even that being extremely short-lived, I personally do not see the point of taking the risk in the first place. Not when the time, effort, and money I would be spending could go towards what I like to call sustainable or <>white labelSEO.

Let Good SEO Take You Places

You might think that all of these things you’re hearing called “White hat” SEO are going to be so much effort and take up so much of your time.

If you think this way, you’re mostly right.

SEO practices that are sustainable are going to take time and effort and there’s no way around that. The “mostly right” comes from my personal opinion; if “good” and “bad” SEO are held side by side for comparison, they both take time, effort, and often money. While sustainable SEO is certainly going to take up a decent chunk of time, it’s not that much more than less desirable practices and it has a much greater potential to continue providing benefits for your site for some time to come.

What are some positive techniques I can use to benefit my site?

It’s all about content.

At the heart of good all-around positive and sustainable SEO is content. The higher in quality, the better. Useful? Oh yes, definitely! If you want to put your website on the right track, you need to write some first-class content, produce an amazing video, design a great infographic, etc. Any one of these things is a good place to get started. If you cannot do any of this yourself for whatever reason you can always hire someone to help you; just do your homework and you’ll be able to choose the provider that is right for you.

Once you have your content, it’s time to start promoting! You can share your work on your blog, or as a guest author on another blog in your niche or general industry. You can also share it on any social networking sites you are a member of and encourage your fans and followers to visit your website for more useful information. Your content should be your hook to reel in new visitors to your website and keep them there with informative and interesting content.

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  • Chris says:

    I think the bottom line is to be a good SEO you need to think different, be creative, and work hard, programs and apps can help but some “SEO” people get hootsuite and think thats all they need now they can make money. wrong, you need to live online and stay active.

  • Lucy says:

    Some good points Dave, indeed, there’s been a massive shift in SEO away from “link building” towards content marketing, that’s definitely a change for the better.

    • Lucy,

      I agree 100%. Focusing on creating content that people will actually want to read and enjoy is such a refreshing change for the better! And if a link comes from it? That’s just icing on the cake.

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