Aligning SEO Strategy with Your Social Media Strategy

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  • SEO is one of the most important clues of virtual journey so without its proper application travelers have to face lots of problems. I’m pleased to get you wise views with the precious explanation of SEO. Thanks Mitz.

  • Thanks, Mitz for writing a very informative article on SEO strategy…I like the points that you have made about tying in the same keywords and even targeting your social media campaign to a few pages in your website…

    Thanks again for the tips…

    WAHM Shelley… :)

  • It is really important these days to have a SEO policy that works very closely with the social media. It aims at making your presence known to a larger group through social media who may not know about your presence. So it is really necessary about how you represent yourself over the social media. The points that you have shared are very helpful. Like any good SEO practice, social media practices also need quality like you have mentioned, which I agree with. Thank you for sharing them.

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