A Beginners Guide To SEO

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  • SEO is really broad subject and it really needs keen study because every hour may it change algorithm esp. Google. THough, Content is King is still best weapon…anyways…

  • The Internet represented by a bus might be a picture of crippling network routing problems. Get a new ISP! The Internet is the whole city filled with buses, cars, buildings, people… Mass transit might be the search engines–you have lots of choices and they all differ in how they operate. In this analogy, SEO is nothing other than a marketing campaign. How does somebody getting on a bus, in a taxi, or just walking down the street know about their destination or know if there are better places to go?

    I think what this article does best is show that SEO is narrow-focused and misunderstood, even by those who are great at selling it.

    An even better analogy: SEO is like the YellowPages — lots of foolish business owners will waste time and money on it without realizing that it’s only a tiny piece of an effective marketing strategy.

  • Very good and basic points here in this article on SEO. I would like to add that clean and proper HTML in a webpage also makes a lots of difference. Proper use of H1 and H2 tags and alt tags is very important.

  • Thanks for sharing this, i thought SEO depends upon the design and no of contents. But your article made it clear that it depends upon various factor like Keywords, title etc..

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