7 Basic Ways to Improve Your SEO in 2013

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  • Thanks for this very informative article Jeremy! Well, I agree with the #1 tip, having a very good content in your site may already considered as a strategy. People will not waste their time staying to your site if they don’t find it useful to them.

  • Very well written. SEO has just become a lot more difficult for all those who took the easy way out.

    However, it is all pretty simple and has always been so. Just nurture your site like you would nurture your baby and success will come automatically. Overall growth of your child is based on the inputs he/she receives since birth, internally as well as from external factors and is directly responsible for his/her personality later on in life.

    In simple words, be ethical with everything you do as you would do with your child.

    Ignorance can be very detrimental. Learn and educate your-self on the do’s and dont’s and follow them each and every day. And as much as possible, try to have everything in your control. Even if you outsource, ensure that all activities have your approval prior to being implemented/published. Never give complete control to anyone to do as they wish. No one can/will take care of your baby better than you can.

    Watch this video to learn and understand 6 steps to Ethical SEO – http://youtu.be/eG50wPnpuII The production is still in the beta phase, but it will give you a lot of insight into the “all new google” and its new ways.

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