7 Basic Ways to Improve Your SEO in 2013

Well, it is 2013…and backlinks still rock, according to Matt Cutts.

Building inbound links, or backlinks, is vital to any SEO strategies. It is heavily favored and considered by major search engines, which means that it could affect your indexing and page ranking.

If you are gearing up for a link building campaign, listed below are a few strategies to assist you and help acquire a massive amount of backlinks to your site in 2013.

1. Writing Quality Content (Long Tail Keyword Acquisition)

I feel that producing quality content is the most important strategy that every website MUST adopt in order to be successful in this internet marketing scene. Since information is so readily available everywhere on the Internet, content that is both original and invaluable would make your site stand out from the others.

If your content is relevant and well-liked, this would mean that your visitors are more likely link to your site and you would have a spike in the number of followers who visit your site on a regular basis. These one-way links play a major role in search engine ranking and indexing, as one-way links often carry much more link juice as compared to reciprocal links.

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If you need help or tips to get you started, I advise you to also read these tactics to get traffic to your blog in 2013.

2. Exchanging Backlinks With Relevant Sites

Exchanging backlinks is perhaps the most tedious but common method of increasing backlinks to your sites. Though effective, it might be a relatively slow and time-consuming process.

However, it can help you to forge a closer relationship with other related businesses or sites, which could benefit you in the long run. This method is usually carried out by sending a email to other sites to exchange inbound links with one another.

Be sure to check up and review the site first before exchange – you would not want to be linking to a site that is blacklisted by Google.

Also, try to link to sites that are relevant to the subject topic or theme of your site to maximize your benefits.

3. Having External Blogs

Perhaps you can consider creating external blogs that are relevant to your main website’s content, and create interesting articles that review your main website’s content, along with links to your main site. This would increase the number of inbound links to your site heavily.

 4Be Active In Forums

Leveraging on the wide audience that forums have is also a good way to build inbound links to your sites. This method requires you to be heavily involved in forums of which you are capable of providing quality information and even answering questions. By dominating discussions in forums, you will be able to post your site’s URL onto your comments or signature.

Also, other forum members might be impressed with your forum posts or your ability to answer their queries, so much so that they will link to your sites and provide quality one-way links.

 5. Comments On Related Blogs Or Websites

Search for websites that possess relevant content to your site, and comment on their articles or posts. The trick to this is to include your site’s URL while commenting, as Google will take note and adjust your PR accordingly. Another method is to write for other related sites and ask the webmaster to input your link on your articles as well!

Oh, and make sure your links include the rel=”dofollow in the <a href=””> tag to ensure that Google can trace the links back to your blog.

6. Leverage On Social Bookmarks

Be sure to post your articles on social bookmarks websites such as Facebook, Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon.

This allows your articles to reach not just your friends, but to a larger range of audience all over the world, thus increasing the chance of people reposting your article on their sites and linking back to you!

7. Use a Viral Blogging System Like the Empower Network to Triple Your Traffic

A very little known tactic in the blogging world is using a ‘viral blogging system’ to post your content….

To be honest, this is the reason why I retired from my 9-5 and now I travel the world

I wrote about this in my Empower Network Guide:

I blog on the Empowernetwork.com domain. And because it is a top 400 website in the world, the posts tend to rank exceptionally well. Put is this way…the more authority the easier it is for a post to rank.  Now, all you “SEO people” out there know what I am talking about when I say “authoritative”.

(I learned this when I worked at SEO.com – one of the largest SEO agencies in the nation.)

An authoritative website is a website that ranks high on Google. It usually has an aged domain, high traffic and thousands of other people linking back to you and a dominating social presence.

So needless to say, when you get a piece of real estate on a top 400 website in the world — like Empower Network — you are going to “rank” more naturally in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) and you are going to get more traffic.

So we all would want a blogging system that already positions your posts to ‘go viral, right?

(You can own a piece of Empower Network today for $25.)

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In conclusion, these are just 7 methods to help increase backlinks to your site. However, you should be creative in your ways and continue seeking opportunities and platforms to build backlinks.

The possibilities are endless, as long as you have determination and perseverance in you. A link building campaign is a tedious and tiring process, but you will surely see fruits of the seeds you have sown in the near future!

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  • Thanks for this very informative article Jeremy! Well, I agree with the #1 tip, having a very good content in your site may already considered as a strategy. People will not waste their time staying to your site if they don’t find it useful to them.

  • Kevin Martin says:

    Very well written. SEO has just become a lot more difficult for all those who took the easy way out.

    However, it is all pretty simple and has always been so. Just nurture your site like you would nurture your baby and success will come automatically. Overall growth of your child is based on the inputs he/she receives since birth, internally as well as from external factors and is directly responsible for his/her personality later on in life.

    In simple words, be ethical with everything you do as you would do with your child.

    Ignorance can be very detrimental. Learn and educate your-self on the do’s and dont’s and follow them each and every day. And as much as possible, try to have everything in your control. Even if you outsource, ensure that all activities have your approval prior to being implemented/published. Never give complete control to anyone to do as they wish. No one can/will take care of your baby better than you can.

    Watch this video to learn and understand 6 steps to Ethical SEO – http://youtu.be/eG50wPnpuII The production is still in the beta phase, but it will give you a lot of insight into the “all new google” and its new ways.

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