6 Cool Stats about Video SEO (and What They Mean to You)

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  • Videos are the most expensive type of contents in both terms of cost and time. I believe businesses can invest on multimedia advertising instead of paying for text ads which have higher bidding price in CPC but less attraction.

    • While that may have been true in the past, I’d respectfully disagree with that stance. Today’s technology makes it easier than ever for brands to create more viable video content without breaking the bank. The cost-of-entry is incredibly low, making video content more practical than ever.

      High-concept video advertising and commercials created via external agencies can still cost quite a bit to produce – but that’s not necessarily what we are talking about here.

      Product demos, talking head interviews, PowerPoint presentations, conference presentations, webinar invites, demand gen videos — there is SO much you can do in-house now, and the benefits are massive. This is why video rises each year in popularity among B2B content marketers.

      Most importantly, if you take the position that “video is too much work”, you’re missing out on an opportunity to reach new audiences and increase site traffic that your competitors will surely take advantage of.

  • Video is not expensive nowadays! You can make a video clip from your smartphone on a HD resolutions and edit it on Windows without having to spend money in the production, and you can rank it up on Search Engines. I think Video is really effective!

  • Hi Brendan, I like the article, great snappy style with lots of juicy info. I’m slightly dubious about the click through rate on video though. For example, I worked for a high-end international luxury brand managing their social media pages recently. Whilst managing their FB posts I noticed that the amount of ‘likes’ received for a video were always about 10% of the usual number of ‘likes’ for a single photo post or album. This page has close to one million followers …. We could never work out why there were less ‘likes’! The videos were high-end in terms of production etc … Any thoughts?

    • Hi Miriam — there could be myriad of reasons why your video content didn’t generate a higher level of engagement on FB. I would clarify tho that this article is about click-thrus for video in search engine results specifically, not social media.

      The combination of higher rankings and compelling visuals can certainly draw the attention of web surfers and encourage more clicks from Google. In contrast, I’d expect your FB content was ALL highly visual, so that alone could dilute the effectiveness of video on that channel.

      Also, keep in mind that unlike people using Google search, folks on FB aren’t necessarily looking for something, they just see it in their News Feeds and are either compelled to click or they aren’t. The success of social media content — all content — is much more dependent on topics and messaging.

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