5 Ways to Spot a Search Superstar

Sometimes it can feel like anyone with an Internet connection and a few SEO plugins can call themselves a “search marketer.” But we all know that they aren’t the real super heroes who make optimization magic happen. So how can you determine if you’re dealing with a Clark Kent or a Superman of search?

Here’s 5 easy ways to spot your Superman (or woman of course) of search:

Super Strength

A search super hero will be able to lift their weight in Adwords, vanquish bad creative and bids with finesse. They know Google Paid products like Superman knows… well everything.


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An agency search-marketing hero is able to withstand the force of client politics and the searing pain of impossible deliverables. In-house, he or she is able to survive the pressures of internal timelines and agency hotheads. Both are able standup to attacks from a hoard of Pandas, a flock of Penguins and the might of GoogleTube and Binghoo. And do it all with a smile that can’t be broken.

Super Vision

With extreme vision, he or she can see through the channel clutter and focus on strategies and tactics that directly correlate with company or client success. It allows a glimpse into the future, with prognostications of ‘what’s next’ before the ‘what’s now’ paint has dried, a visionary with foresight of a better way to do things.

Super Hearing

Although superman’s powerful hearing extended to single conversations from miles away, or cries for help from halfway around the globe, the hearing powers of an exceptional search marketer translate into the ability to hear the question, and the power of listening for answers.

No one person knows all, and a successful marketer knows his or her limits, and understands that mentors, colleagues, clients and industry leaders all have valuable insight. He or she hears the *real* question, and learns from each response, which is the key to search success.

Super Speed

Moving at lightning speed, a stellar search marketer reacts to changes in the search landscape, client requests, agency initiatives and landscape opportunities, but also knows when to tread lightly and not chase after the ‘search strategy du jour.” The key is knowing where and when to use it and how much. He or she has mastered both the throttle and the brakes to ensure the optimal strategy is implemented with reasonable checks and balance, mitigating risk and optimizing the opportunity for success.

Does this sound like anyone you know? Nominate he or she for the Stars of Search Award 2013 presented by The Search Agency and The Direct Marketing Association. Super heroes will be revealed at the DMA 2013 conference in Chicago this October. 

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