5 Metrics Every Beginning SEO Pro Needs to Know About

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  • Hi Drew,
    Thanks for sharing some valuble tips about these important emerging metrics for SEO in 2013!

  • Karissa says:

    I think that the two that are the most important are visitor growth and conversions. It should not only be about creating traffic, but creating the best traffic. I would much rather have lower numbers that convert, than a bunch of bounces that do nothing for me in the long run. Knowing these two numbers will help you know how well your SEO campaign is working.

  • I think these 5 are not just important, but not so very commonly known SEO metrics. When I had started with SEO and online marketing, even I was not aware of these terms for a long time, but once I came to know the importance of these metrics, I was able to see a completely new face of SEO.

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