3 SEO Techniques You Probably Haven’t Heard About

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  • Well it was a kind of “REVISION” and “REVEALING” the new SEO Tactics that are in PRACTICE and what can further INTRODUCED to make it more accurate, i mean near to more accurate. Really i came to know the later two names of SEO technique. You can BARELY find such LEVEL of ARTICLE that talks about SEO and has been written keeping in MIND the working behavior of Giant Search Engines.

    Keep Teaching us the Fellow Author :) Good work. Thank you very much. It was refreshing.

  • The problem with SEO is we come up with these weasel words, “Barnacle SEO”.. According to this post it’s the same as Guest Posting and Blog commenting. Instead of trying to fancy up what I do, I try to be direct with the clients I take on. They appreciate transparency and appreciate me leveling with them so they have the right expectations.

    • I’m sorry to disappoint you Troy… but Barnacle SEO is definitely not the same as Guest Posting and Blog commenting. It’s about Guest Posting and Blog commenting in website with PageRank 4 and above. I hope even you understand that Guest Posting and Blog commenting in PageRank 1 website doesn’t do any good, right? Cheers :)

  • Your SEO formula; Semantic + Holistic + Barnacle is insightful and consistent with what many of us SEOs currently use, only you’ve relabeled them in a cool manner. The way “OK Google” works and how we “talk to Siri” and how mobile devices are surpassing desktop queries, there’s not sense is using the old “san diego mexican restaurant” as you aptly pointed out.

    • Hi Neil, I’m so glad to finally find a Scoop.it friend here. And thanks so much for appreciating the new approach.

      A bigger thanks for bringing the topic of a changing scenario with voice searches. This shows that people want fast accurate results, and SEOs should focus more on delivering the right goods to the targeted audience, rather than just earning links.

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