12 Ways to Severely Flub Real SEO Results

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  • Claudine says:

    “But DeMers says commenting on other blogs in your niche is a vital part of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy, since doing so is key to building relationships with other bloggers.”

    Very much agreed. I use blog commenting via the social integration of Google Plus and Disqus to reach out and be proactive being as a brand ambassador for my own website. It is at the forefront of my B2B leads generation.

  • Wow, that’s awesome Claudine! Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

  • George says:

    I want to understand more about that so-called authority everybody speaks about. In the blogging world, it is clear to see, but how would search engines determine A company’s services are better than B services, specially if B services are more known than A services? We all know that budget and a good advertising message can make a business renown in short time, even if they sell err… useless items.

    How would you build authority if you are the new kid on the block, yet provides better services?

  • Nice article. Thanks for the straightforward links to creating Google+ authorship, and Viral Heat stuff.

    On what basis do you suggest word count is important? You appear to be going further than Jason / Courtney on Viral Heat who simply suggested that content had to be of good quality.

  • The truth about high quality links is that they are extremely difficult to get and take a considerable amount of time and effort. Most good links for a website generally take an e-mail or phone call to acquire.

    Focus on quality over quantity. Link building is a 5-phase process, outlined in this article: http://www.prospectrmarketing.com/performance-based-internet-marketing-seo-optimization/

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