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Who Says Engagement Can’t Translate to Sales?

People complain that engagement alone isn’t enough!

The toughest sell has always been that engagement can have a direct correlation to sales. This is the holy grail of online media marketing – thus the obsession with conversion rates.

Engagement tools are in their very nature limitless and creative. They can be created to fulfill whatever need the company could have – drive awareness, increase likes, expand the market or increase sales.

Companies want to see the bottom line increase as well right? At the end of the day why does Coke or Google spend so much money just to publish funny or creative videos that seemingly disregard their bottom line? Conversations with digital users about brand and products are all peaches and cream, but do they actually produce something tangible? Yes they do – but people need to get creative first. To argue categorically that engagement as a means to an end does not produce financial results simply means the design of a particular engagement tool has to be reexamined. It means that people are simply not being creative enough. Engagement pieces are limitless – think outside the box.

Don’t believe me? Introducing Hijack – an app designed by a shoe store called Meat Pack in Guatemala. This engagement piece actually gets customers RUNNING to their stores to purchase sneakers. This mobile app clearly demonstrates how ingenuity and creativity in an engagement tool can translate to sales.

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But why do people run?

  1. Customers download a Meat Pack mobile app that tracks their location using GPS.
  2. When the app senses you have entered a competitior’s store (Nike, Adidas etc) a  message pops up.
  3. It gives you a challenge – gamification ( a very powerful tactic to drive interaction, turning brand or purchasing activities into games). Customers are given a 100% discount on any product in the Meat Pack shoe store – even though they are still standing in a competitor’s store.
  4. THE CATCH. this offer is time sensitive – for every second you wait 1% of the discount disappears. This translates into significant customer behavior – people begin running to the nearest Meat Pack to claim their discount before it becomes too low!

Think that engagement pieces can’t translate into sales – think again!

See Hijack in action –

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