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Use the Golden Rule of Sales to Reach the Stars

The golden rule can get you far in sales — but a simple CRM and sales tracking app, like Base, will get you the rest of the way.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The above sentence is what I heard repeatedly while growing up and it was referred to as the Golden Rule. Hearing it enough times, the saying became a part of my lifestyle and was easily translatable into the sales arena on many levels and it all stems from showing others respect.

1. Ethics

Would you go after the sale even though you know it isn’t entirely beneficial for the client?
A lot of people would and do, but the correct answer is “No.”

When only money or earning the grand prize of a sought after trip are kept in mind, the satisfaction is short lived. Repeat business would be a rare occurrence as would be referrals. This type of sales attitude requires continual prospecting versus referral based selling, and will eventually lead one down the path of giving up.

But when you are honest about the circumstances in which your service will be beneficial, you will be trusted and asked to fulfill that particular need.

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2. Needs Analysis

Selling is best when it comes from a consultative approach.

Ask the question of why you were contacted inferring that a problem must exist. With undivided attention get to the root of the problem, added problems stemming from the initial one, and your prospect’s ideas on how they might be fixed. This is where further questioning will convey potential interest they have in your varied solutions. Should disagreement occur, simply ask, “Why?” Listen very carefully for erroneous assumptions or understandable concerns.

Pay attention to vocabulary, voice intonation, and what is NOT being said. These are all clues of avenues to further explore. Should you have an in-person meeting, also watch their facial expressions and body language. Much will be revealed.

Once you get through the problems and extenuating circumstances, ask if they have a wish list that hasn’t yet been shared. You just might be surprised by the confidential conversation to follow. The confided knowledge will give you the lead spot for making the sale.

3. Model Customer Service

Clients-to-be quickly get the idea of how they will be treated after the sale as they watch you perform prior to securing it. Here is a current day example:

My personal story is I tried for a month to give a service-provider money but questions were ignored for starters. Finally, asked to fax the contract, two different fax numbers were provided but both were inoperable. Upon leaving both a voice message and sending an email, they too were ignored. It took another 24 hours to receive an email asking where the fax was. Apparently the provider is too busy to pay attention to messages too. Business was taken elsewhere.

Those who ignore requests for information or questions to be answered kill their own sale. If you have employees make certain they are on the same page with outstanding response time to questions and delivering of requested information. Nothing will spread bad word of mouth faster than poor customer service.

On the other hand, when you offer a timeline for finding out the information and delivering a little early, your client-to-be will be greatly encouraged that working with you is the right thing to do.

Become known for outstanding customer service as this will positively enhance your personal brand and recognition of your company. The reward industry is hot today. Should this be appropriate for your business in addition to emphasizing quality and value, then this is the avenue to explore further.

When you deliver outstanding customer service and clients recognize the value you add, this is the tipping point for securing much repeat business, and many referrals and testimonials. You will become what known as an “order taker”.

Once you become the order taker, it will seem as if your sales were always a Smooth Sale!

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