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The Key To Your Sales and Marketing Lies Within

The Key To Your Sales and Marketing Lies Within

Can you guess what I did over the weekend??

Yes, the joys of home ownership comes with the added bonus of being able to do what ever you like to what ever part of the property.

For my better half and I, this weekend was ‘pull up the dingy old carpet’.

Fun times.

(Dusty times, *cough*.)

With HGTV showing us just how easy this DIY stuff is we donned our grubby clothes, got out the tools and started to see what the possibilities were.

Have you ever taken to a DIY project? If not, typically you do things in stages to get from A-B.

So we started by agreeing to cut back a couple of corners and see what was underneath said dingy carpet. Low and behold, it was the original hardwood.

SCORE. (You may now join me in a moment of whooping and celebration!)

This is, good news. The original hardwood adds character and value.

As you can imagine, we got a little excited by the prospect of being able to ‘make good’ what was there and have our dreams come true of the original hardwood featuring.

So like excited children on Christmas morning we pulled up the rest of the carpet peeling back section by section.

(I’m sure you can see where this is going!)

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With the entire floor exposed out elation turned left the room as fast as the rotten underlay.

There were problems.

There’s always a problem, that becomes a challenge.

What we are left with is all in all, a fairly decent room of hardwood with patches that need addressing.

This in turn, leaves us with options.

  1. Repair the patches and restore the floors to there former glory
  2. Lay new flooring on top and pretend nothing ever happened
  3. Pull up the old floors, repair anything else that needs it and lay new flooring
  4. Leave things as they are
  5. Shrug our shoulders, say ‘oh well, that didn’t go as planned’ and start another project in another room

We haven’t completely decided which path to take.

(Although, I did come up with some great ideas after a couple of glasses of wine!)

No matter which option we choose, we will be able to do so with the knowledge that we have gained from being thorough and addressing what was/is going on.

Like this,

The Success of Sales and Marketing…

comes from evaluating what is already happening.

The parallels between this flooring project and sales and marketing is uncanny.

Any form of sales and marketing is built up of layers. Layers of activity that has a start and and end. The end, typically is the prospect/client taking an action step you have outlined as being the Point of Entry. Or, the ‘next step’.

The success of the activity is dependent on what is happening from start to finish.

If you are measuring what is happening AND if you don’t see the results that are desired, then, would you agree there is a possibility that one component might be ‘broken’?

You always have the option to walk away and try something different. This is your right. Like it is our right to take option 5 and start a new project in another room.

Before you change direction, evaluate the areas of the sales and marketing and assess what could be broken and improved upon. Then, try again.

You might be amazed at how a small ‘tweak’ to one part of the sales and marketing system can make all the difference in achieving predictable success.

5 Typical Areas That Can Be Evaluated In Sales & Marketing

  1. The who – who is being targeted and are they the ‘best’ prospects
  2. The message – what is being said doesn’t resonate and isn’t compelling
  3. The process(es)
  4. The Call To Action
  5. The data management

Like being a home owner, a business owner is afforded possibility. Possibilities that can be turned into reality.

All I suggest, is that before changing direction and potentially prolonging success that the current situation be evaluated.

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