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Software Leads – Two Of The Worst Ways To Use Them

Generating software leads for SCM technology can go wrong in either one or two ways. Much like basic logistics, you can either have too much or have too little. Both extremes are always to be avoided to make sure a business does not suffer from changes in demand. But in the terms of your software leads, it can also be compared to simply packing too many stuff and going at opportunities empty-handed.

Software Leads – Supplies And Ammunition For Salespeople

It is not that hard to see the comparison between software leads and supplies. (In fact, pardon me if it is a little overdone.) However, to make this a little more unique, imagine your software leads are the sort of things you would take with you on an adventure. It can be sci-fi, historical, or even fantasy adventure but they all have one thing in common: the need to carry supplies.

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Just like supplies, the two worst ways to use them are are also the two worst ways to use your software leads.

  • Software Leads, SCM Software Leads, Lead GenerationPacking too much – All right so you managed to run a successful campaign and your database is filling with software leads. However, what then? You have all the opportunities. In fact, let us also assume you are well on your way to closing in on these B2B leads. This is akin to finally getting enough gear and supplies for your little adventure. You have funds, you know where to go, things to do etc. However, what happens when, despite all that, you fail to deliver? No matter how much you market yourself or how many software leads you bag, it will not matter if your software fails to actually live up to the reputation you have created. You managed to maximize all your social controls to get the chances that you need but that will always be just the beginning.
  • Going empty-handed – Adventures are full of dangers. The same goes for having all the skills and resources to deliver but not knowing who to deliver to. Both result in a plethora of disasters from mild bumps in the road to fending off large monsters or aliens with just a small knife. It is one thing to stuff yourself with too many SCM software leads to carry and handle. It is another thing to have enough software leads just to keep going. That is one of the goals of SCM right? You make sure there is just the right amount of inventory to make sure your customer demand is satisfied. For your software, that inventory may be products, shipments, and raw materials. For your marketers, that inventory is your database of software leads.

Ironically, the extremes (if not cliches) of the hesitant, over-prepared traveler and brash, first-time adventurer have one thing in common. They both lack experience. This is not to say you might but if your software leads cannot match with what you can substantiate, then you need to realign your sales lead generation strategy immediately!

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