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The chance to make an online sale is not a one shot deal. If a business visits your site and leaves, you can retarget them to bring them back. Retargeting is not just for business to consumer (B2C) businesses; it is just as effective – if not more – for business to business (B2B) businesses.

What Exactly Is Retargeting? Retargeting is explained easily if you regard your company as the target. You want businesses to be looking at you: the target. If a business is not pointing at the target (your company website, Linkedln page, Facebook page, or Twitter for example), an advertisement pops up that attempts to lure the business back to the target (your company). To do this, cookies are placed on your site visitors’ computers. When your site visitors leave your page, they are later served up one of your company’s advertisements. There are other types of retargeting that serve the same benefit of bringing potential customers to your website or social media networks, but they work slightly differently.

Types of Retargeting

  • Ads Based on Prior Engagement: This is the type of retargeting we discussed above. It is also called remarketing.
  • Search Retargeting: When a person performs a keyword search in a search engine, their computer is tagged with a cookie, so they can later be shown your company’s ad.
  • Email Retargeting: By placing a line of code in the html of your email or in your signature line, you can tag people on your email list to receive your company ads when surfing the Internet. The catch is that the users have to open the email before they will start seeing your ads.
  • CRM Retargeting: With CRM retargeting, you upload an email list on the Internet. The retargeting software crawls the Internet looking for the email users. When it finds them, it serves them your ads. The advantage of this type of retargeting is that the users do not have to visit your site or open an email to start seeing your ads. A service such as InsideView can help you locate the email addresses of your potential leads.

Ways Retargeting Can Help Your B2B Company Increase Sales

Now that you know what retargeting is, let us highlight ways it can increase your sales:

  • Lead Generation: Retargeting is an excellent lead generation tool because it keeps bringing businesses back to your site.
  • Reminders: A clever way to use retargeting is to remind your customers through advertisements of future webinars or to guide them to view your blogs or social media pages.
  • Upselling: You can use retargeting to keep your current customers coming back. You can set it up so that sales on your website trigger events on companies that later show them ads on other products or services your company offers.

Retargeting is a cost effective way for B2B lead generation that can lead to significant sales increases.

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  • Business will succeed when there is an extra of creative techniques applied to boost traffics. It is somehow a cinnamon applied to a coffee to make it better on taste. Leads will at the palm of our hand if they admire our excellent service and strategy but we will never get that if you don’t work hard to point out their needs.

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