Lead Generation Tips – Walking Through Wonderland

When your HR lead generation strategy starts targeting really large businesses, your agents tend to get lost in the maze of corporate hierarchy and company politics. It gets worse though if the so-called ‘conflict’ is entirely staged to keep marketers out. It is like trying to walk through Wonderland. Either way, you end up going mad just getting out.

Retracing Alice’s Steps With Lead Generation

Lead Generation, Software Lead Generation, Software LeadsIf you wish to preserve your sanity (or what is left of it) in the next attempt, perhaps it would be best to refer to the only person who had successfully put up with all the madness: Alice. No doubt there have been many versions, adaptations, and even spinoff’s of little Alice and her Wonderland just as there have been many variations of a large, conflicted company. That does not mean there are no iconic characters to speak of.

It can be the same when companies try to confuse you by implying company politics are obscuring their interest and decision. For example, if you need HR leads for your payroll applications, you might find yourself locked in a back-and-forth between IT and HR departments. That does not even include the possible intervention of higher-ups. Whether it is real or not though, certain roles are always at work to keep you confused.

  • The White Rabbit – Alice’s journey begins after seeing a white rabbit screaming about lateness and following him down the rabbit hole. In B2B terms, your White Rabbit is the thing that began your encounter with your prospect business. How did you stumble upon them? Did you notice a particular need? Are they part of an industry where this need seems common? Did this prospect actually approach you first?
  • The Cheshire Cat – Be wary of this character. Because like in Alice’s journey, the Cat could be your greatest guide but could also be your greatest obstacle. At best, this is the one that gives hints to what is actually going on. But unless your lead generation agents can pick them up, you are only wasting precious time.
  • The Caterpillar – Somewhat the opposite version of the Cheshire, this is the archetype which stands more firmly in your agent’s way by asking questions about your purpose. This sounds like most gatekeepers right? On the other hand, these questions can also give you pause to reflect if you can really offer something to their business.
  • The Mad Hatter and The March Hare – These two are rarely seen apart. However, their little tea party can serve as a time-consuming distraction. The danger is that you are drawn to it. You are drawn to what goes in between two rivaling parties and forget the very purpose of your software lead generation.
  • The Queen of Hearts – Obviously, this is the person that stands at the very top but at the same time, is the most dangerous character to encounter. A blind cold call to this person’s office will definitely cost you your head. What you might be missing however is that you will only get the axe if you are not careful with your words.

In the end though, the clear answer to all this madness is simply strong, direct focus on why you are there. Unlike Alice, all you really need is to keep following the White Rabbit until you find the person to qualify for your HR software leads.

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