Lead Generation for Finding New Customers

Lead Generation ChoicesWhere to start? What to use? What to start with? What social media do I pay attention to?

Maintaining a consistent number of visitors to your site prevents your business from becoming stagnant. Tools and techniques to attract new customers and to keep current ones sustain your business and continue that expected growth. This is why considering lead generation for your site will greatly improve your bottom line.

Having a website does not guarantee that your potential customers will be able to find your services. Lead generation provides methods for customers to find you and your website. There are numerous ways to employ a lead generation strategy.

Some examples include:

  • Email/Newsletter campaign – this one has the best ROI of the bunch and is relatively easy to implement.
  • Social Media Marketing – a little harder to do well since there are so many avenues to pursue. Try surveying your really good customers and find out which they use and start there.
  • Telemarketing – if it’s well targeted this can work well. But, be careful not to just blast away at anything that moves. Refine your target.
  • Internet advertising, e.g. AdWords – Use this to test out keywords and phrases, then put the good ones into your SEO campaigns.
  • Conventional advertising, e.g. Newspaper, advertising mailers – Same as telemarketing it can still work if done right.
  • Referral system – Best of the bunch. Nothing beats a good referral system, so cultivate those existing customers and don’t let go.

With most businesses so very busy, you might consider using a lead generation service. These services will typically require you to pay an initial, one time cost, but some may charge a subscription. It depends on what kinds of service you require.

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Constant Contact is a very inexpensive way to get started in lead generation. They provide the standard email and newsletter marketing campaigns but also provide social media campaigns, online surveys, and event specialization. The idea is to remind your customers about new deals and to know what your potential customers are looking for.

There are also tools specialized in lead generation. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a suite of products that allow you to monitor and to engage with your customers. They can help you mobilize your business for mobile device marketing, and they can help you resource all your social media through one easy-to-use software portal. Some can be pricey, and they do typically charge a subscription to use some of their products. Nimble provides a service that is deeply rooted in social media and doesn’t cost a lot.

When the bottom line matters, Duct Tape Marketing helps tie all of the above together in one cohesive marketing strategy which will attract new customers to your site. This is why considering a lead generation solution that meets your needs can help you attract those new customers while securing your current ones.

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  • Anita Holley says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the usefulness of social media when it comes to CRM. When the two are properly integrated it is an extremely effective and time-saving tool. I am truly grateful that Maximizer offers me and my team a way to link and track contacts according to their LinkedIn profile in our database automatically. This makes lead processing a happy time, instead of an arduous task involving handfuls of browser windows on random websites. With our LinkedIn tool, staff can just look up the company or contact directly from Maximizer and link them, giving everyone in the customer cycle an easier way to gain access to the data they need.

    Anita Holley, Head of Marketing – EMEA, Maximizer Software

    • Anita, thanks for your comments. As more and more companies like yours integrate their products with social media everyone’s life will improve. The more we can stay in our apps and continue the conversations, the better it will be.

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