Is Kudzu Worth The Money For Contractors, Plumbers, HVAC?

Is Kudzu worth the money if you are a remodeler, plumber, HVAC, Pest control contractor? Find out the pros,cons for your lead generation.

Kudzu“I am a home contractor so I am always on the lookout for good places to obtain fresh leads. I have been thinking about using Kudzu to get some new leads. However, I have heard mixed things. Is Kudzu worth trying?”

If you are a home services contractor (like a plumber, HVAC, pest control, etc.), or a home improvement contractor (remodeling, renovations) you are likely on a non-stop quest to find good lead sources.

You should never rely on just one source (as good as it may be) because that stream can dry up… and then you are left scrambling. It is always a good idea to have 3-4 solid sources.

Bottom line: It is always wise to be on the lookout for better, more profitable lead sources.

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The question is this: Is Kudzu, the consumer review website, a good place to get leads for your contracting business?

Is Kudzu a “good” lead source?

To figure out if Kudzu is a good source for contractor leads, you must first ask the question, “What criteria determines a good lead source?”

Here is the criteria I use to determine whether or not a lead source is “good.”

  • Amount of leads. Does this method provide a sufficient amount of leads? Getting one “good” lead a month is better than nothing. But, I wouldn’t say it is a good lead source.
  • Consistent flow of leads. Can you count of these leads reliably coming in? A good lead source provides a reasonably predictable flow of new business.
  • Quality of leads. Do a high percentage of them turn into actual business? Who really wants to get a “lead” that wastes your time (generating an estimate or proposal) but rarely turn into a job?
  • Cost effective leads. Do the leads provide a solid, profitable ROI? This is extremely important, unless you just like working for free (or at a loss).

As you know, there is no “perfect” lead source out there—non-stop leads that are high quality AND inexpensive. That being said, some sources get an overall higher score than others.

Book 2Note: We evaluated the pros/cons of 15 of the most popular lead sources for contractors. Some were pretty lousy; others were pretty good.

You can download this report free by clicking on the above link or the e-book image.

How did Kudzu score based on the above criteria?

Kudzu is somewhat unique in determining if it is a “good” lead source.

Why? Because the amount and consistency of the lead flow depends in large measure on you. If you get good reviews over time, your lead flow and consistency improves as more people pick you over another contractor.

Yes, you can spend more money to get a more prominent position on Kudzu. But, because it is by nature a review site, people will naturally check out your reviews. If all of your competitors have tons of 5 star reviews, and your reviews average 3.5, you will get bypassed despite being at the front of the visibility line.

I would rate the quality of the leads as being good to very good as people are often pre-sold based on your reviews and comments from earlier customers.

As far as the profitability and cost-effectiveness of the leads, that depends on their current rates vs. how many leads turn into new business. Don’t be foolish and equate busyness with profitability (your end goal, remember?).

If you would like to determine the cost-effectiveness of your leads from Kudzu, contact us here at 2nd Mile Marketing. We created a special calculator to determine if your leads are profitable… and by how much.

Let me give you my thoughts on the pros/cons of Kudzu as a lead source for contractors.

The Pros & Cons Of Using Kudzu As A Lead Source

  1. Pro: Kudzu is a free site to visit and get a feel for what others are saying about contractors. As a result, there is a solid level of searchers coming to the site. Although the level of searchers is dwarfed by Google directly, the site has significantly more searchers in the markets it serves than other review sites, like Angie’s List, that require a paid membership to view the reviews.
  2. Pro: If you do a good job, you will be rewarded with more business (since people come to the site to find companies with good reviews). If you don’t do a good job, you will be exposed. Note: To learn a scientifically proven “best” way to handle/defuse a negative review on Kudzu, just click on the link.
  3. Con: There are countless businesses listed. The only way to be seen by sufficient numbers of searchers is to pay for one of their enhanced listings. Pricing varies by area. This can significantly impact your ROI, depending on the rates and how profitable your jobs are that come from it.
  4. Con: Kudzu takes a more ‘hands-off’ approach to consumer reviews than a closed site like Angie’s List. That means if someone leaves a negative review of you, it is very difficult (virtually impossible) to get it removed. These reviews can find their way out into the search engine listings. To mitigate against the impact of a negative review, responding in the proper way can really help. My advice in this area: consider paying Kudzu money for an enhanced (higher visibility) listing ONLY IF the quality of your work is superior.

Summary Assessment: Kudzu can be a good source of leads. The contractors I know who have seen success on Kudzu have paid to be noticed. One thing that must be determined is ROI. In recent years, Kudzu significantly increased their rates which reduced ROI. It depends on your margins, your closing rate, etc. to determine over time if this is a good source of leads.

What has been your experience using Kudzu? Leave a comment below and tell us the pros and cons you experienced.

Kudzu can be a good source for construction and contractor leads if you can avoid or handle negative reviews.

Your Turn

What has been your experience with Kudzu for getting leads for your contracting business? Leave a comment below how it has worked (or not worked) for you.

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  • I found Kudzu about 4 years ago and have been very pleased since. The leads are excellent, but I agree never put all yours eggs in one basket for pest control or any other business. In this age of social Media, I think it best to be out and to watch your reputation every day, you are aonly as good as your last service. Great article, excellent and right on the money.

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