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Hubspot’s ‘Signals’ Drags Sales Into The 21st Century

If you’re a seasoned salesman, your job has no doubt morphed and changed over the years, as customers have become more knowledgeable and increasingly closer to the product.

The days where the salesman was the gatekeeper to all knowledge, and wielded this power with expert adroitness when turning a prospect into a customer are gone.

Today the gates are open, and customers will march right past you on their decision making journey if you don’t adapt and approach them in a way that matters in the modern world.

Hubspot Are Just A Marketing Company Though Right?

Hubspot’s core offering of a truly inbound philosophy to marketing is now creeping its way into the sales world. From the off, it just seems to make sense. If sales are the logical conclusion to any marketing activity, surely having the same philosophy permeate every aspect of your organisation is both logical and desirable?

Well Hubspot thought so, and have introduced ‘Signals’.

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Ok, I’ll Bite, What Exactly Is ‘Signals’? Sell It To Me!

Email_Tracking_NEwIn a nutshell, it’s a nifty notification app that helps you keep tabs on your leads, helping you make the best decisions at the right time for each lead or prospect. Right now it’s available in Google Chrome and hooks up with many of the tools that salespeople use on the regular basis.

The name simply comes from the real time element of the app, with notifications coming through as and when events happen with prospects. So, I hear you ask, what does it ACTUALLY do…well, here are a few examples of the real time notifications you can get with Signals:

  • When a lead opens or clicks an email sent from Outlook, Gmail, or Salesforce, you can get a notification, giving insight into the lead’s level of engagement and where they stand in the sales process.
  • When a long-term lead who you may have thought was cold returns to your website after months of inactivity, you’ll get an instant notification, right on your desktop.
  • When a new lead is assigned to you in Salesforce, you know about it and can follow up right away.

So, What’s The Catch? How Much For All of This Great Functionality?

Nothing. And the beauty is you don’t even have to be a Hubspot customer to try Signals out. On the free version you can get up to 200 email notifications per months, but to get unlimited notifications, revisit alerts from Hubspot, or to integrate your CRM system, it rises to a modest $10 per month, per person.

Not bad indeed.

So What Does It Mean For Hubspot?

Well, it seems Hubspot are making the move towards an ‘Inbound Company’, rather than an ‘Inbound Marketing Company’. Ok, a subtle tagline change sure, but this surely change the way that Hubspot will present themselves going forward. It’s clear that the introduction of Signals is not the end for Hubspot’s evolution, but is certainly a clear signal (ahem) that they see the Inbound Philosophy as far more than just another marketing mantra. I’m sure we’ll see things continue to change sooner rather than later.

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