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How To Multiply Sales Leads like Rabbits

One of the most cost-effective ways to make your email marketing pay off is to make it shareable. If you can get someone to willingly share your content, you multiply the benefit of your efforts. When you really hit the jackpot is when your content goes viral.

How Do You Make Content Shareable?

According to Wiktionary, shareable simply means “designed to be shared”. Sounds simple enough, right? You create content – blogs, articles, emails, videos – anything you send to your target audience – because you want them to enjoy it. You want them to share it too.

Think about the things you share with others. What did you find so compelling that you wanted to share it with others? Most of the time you shared it was probably because there was something unique about it that answered a question for you or gave you new insight into a subject.

Share-Ability Clues Found in Your CRM

Your company offers a product or service you are confident is highly valuable to your customers. You wouldn’t be in business if this fact were not true. You can easily spout out a list of features and benefits that you offer customers if new prospects would simply listen to you. The buyers don’t care.

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The internet has enabled the buyers of every product or service to be researched and compared to competition. What the buyer wants from you is information and education. Providing information the sales lead craves requires you to “sit on the other side of the table”. You can no longer serve up features and benefits and expect your sales leads to care – much less share.

You must get inside the head of your current customers to learn what education would have value to new sales leads. You can either search the activity of customers to see what caused response…or you can contact your customers. Use an online survey or pick up the phone. Simply ask:

  • What questions did you need answered when you were considering our product?
  • What were the gaps in your knowledge before learning about our industry?
  • Why did you decide to choose our product?

Share-Ability Clues in Your 360-degree Customer Focus

Stories are one of the most compelling sources of content when it comes to share-ability. When a sales lead receives an email blast that tells of a customer experience, they can identify and relate to the situation. It moves them emotionally. We all know that people buy with emotion first, then justify the decision with statistics. Get everyone in the company involved in collecting stories by making customer information available to everyone.

When you make client information available to everyone on your team, the customer becomes the center of everything done by your business. In the old days, the sales person might be the only one who knew much about the sales lead. Without today’s technology, the receptionist could say that the sales rep would get back with them about and inquiry.

Today’s sales leads will simply look for another resource rather than wait. The by-product of this 360 degree Customer View is the entire company has “ownership” of the customers and sales leads. They are invested in the customer relationship. Touching anecdotal stories, emotional expressions of appreciation and wild praise can become a part of company culture and be shared (with permission of course) with your future clients.

This kind of sharing among staff members allows the customer to feel understood and highly valued. That kind of trust leads to loyalty. Loyal customers like to share their experience with others. It simply creates a culture of sharing.

Make it EASY to Share

Marketing automation makes it easy to touch your sales leads and customers on a regular basis. Each piece of your email campaigns should include “share” buttons to make it simple to pass on. Don’t miss this important step.

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