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Cold Calling Secrets Your Sales Manager Won’t Tell You

A friend of mine who is a very, very talented salesperson and successful entrepreneur is finally working on a sales training program of his own, one that I know will be excellent. I’ll be sure to tell you about it once it’s completed.

But I digress. I wanted to tell you what he told me the other day about cold calling:

Cold calls = appointments = sales? NOT ANYMORE!

As a sales manager and business owner, I was once guilty of teaching it, believing it, and using it. “Increase your activity and increase your income” was the mantra. We did the so-called “sales math” to find the value of each call to “MOTIVATE” ourselves.

Remember this one? “If you make $500 commission per sale, and it takes 5 appointments to get one sale, and 20 calls to get one appointment… then it must mean that each appointment is worth $100. And each cold call is worth $5. So therefore, every time you make a cold call, you’re putting $5 in your pocket!”

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Hey Boss, put your money where your mouth is!

If that is true, why don’t companies actually pay us $5 cash for every cold call we make? The reason they don’t is simple: Their “equation” simply doesn’t pencil out in the real world… for anyone!

The simple fact is that sales reps are only paid for completed sales, NOT for attempts. Telling you to “make more calls” is a weak excuse for a sales manager or trainer to justify his or her job.

Cold calling is an EXPENSIVE WASTE OF YOUR TIME! The reason companies have you cold calling is because it’s an expensive waste of YOUR TIME and YOUR MONEY. You only prosper when you sell something, yet 90% of your time is spent trying to find someone to sell to… and only 10% of your time is spent doing what you’re paid to do: Closing sales.

Now that rant explains a lot! He’s right – if companies and managers were telling the truth about cold calling, they’d pay us per call instead of per sale. But they don’t, because they know full well that cold calling doesn’t work.

So do yourself a big favor: STOP cold calling, and START using effective, intelligent, Information Age methods to start bringing qualified prospects to YOU!

If you’re wondering what those techniques are, they’re all explained in my Never Cold Call Again system. It’s literally JAM-PACKED with five modules, each containing a mind-bending amount of strategies, systems, and techniques that will get your inbox flooded with hot, qualified leads – people who are ready to buy right now.

You get to try it out on me for 30 days before you even have to decide if you want to keep it or be billed then, or simply send it back and never hear from me again. It’s that simple so get your copy right now.

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