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Building Your Sales Fence


I have always said when it comes to sales, it is much like building a fence. It is not hard, it is just hard work.  Recently, I put that saying to the test.  A fence post in my backyard succumbed to rot and made that portion of the fence rather unstable. So, after some brief demolition I was ready to rebuild that section.

Now mind you, I am somewhat handy when it comes to projects around the house. After many years of trial and error, sometimes more error then I care to remember, I have learned a few things about projects of this magnitude.

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First, you need a plan. Second, the proper tools. Lastly, some help. The plan was to put a new post into the ground making sure the depth was accurate and it was securely entrenched in cement. Then attach the cross beams, and lastly screw the pickets to the cross beams. To help me make sure the post was at the proper height and depth, I enlisted the help of my neighbor Ricky. Earlier this spring, Ricky built his own fence across the street from my house. He made it look rather easy. Next, I went to my local home center and bought the correct pickets. Then as I put them up, I made sure I had good quality screws to secure them to the cross beams. I also had the right tools. A powerful drill, saw, level, tape measure, and gloves.

After an exhausting Saturday of cutting the pickets and screwing them up to the cross beams. I finally had repaired my damaged section of fence.

Much like building the fence, in sales you need a plan. You need the right tools, and many times you need help to accomplish the goals in front of you.

The plan may be attack a certain industry vertical, or introduce a new product. It may just be achieving your monthly sales quota.  The right tools would be phone, email, social media, website, marketing material, networking events, trade shows, and current customer referrals. The help you seek could be from fellow sales people in your organization, the marketing department, your sales manager, professional peers, or any other trusted source.

Unlike building the fence, the reward was a pride and a job well done. In sales, the rewards can be unlimited.

Good Luck and Good Selling.

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