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Appointment Setting – Should You ‘Appear’ Reliable?

Some appointment setting experts give off the impression that looks are everything or at least play an integral part in showing reliability. Others though wish to deviate from this rule on the count that showing off just simply goes against their company values. If you are ever the latter though, know that you are not wrong. It is just a matter of actually proving that you are more reliable than you appear.

Giving Value To Appointment Setting Despite Appearances

Appointment Setting, Software Appointment Setting, Lead GenerationAs the saying goes, one should not judge a book by its cover. It is the contents that matter. In appointment setting, you might think you do not need flashy lead generation material or a good-looking website to show clients that you are reliable. Perhaps you are right. It is like a worker or a student who appears lazy but in the end, their performance results are not to be taken lightly.

But even without anything fancy or flashy, know that lead generation itself is still a means of showing proof. This same proof will determine the success of your appointment setting campaign. If you do not have anything to show for, then you give prospects absolutely no reason to go through your appointment setting process.

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The following is a brief list of things you still need to put on the table during your software appointments. Better yet, these are things you might want to present during the first half of the sales process (or at least hint to them). That way your appointment setting campaign can truly say that you did not care much for appearance but are the complete opposite when it comes to delivering.

  • Good price – Despite your appearance, your appointment setting strategy should present a cost that is both believable and beneficial to your prospect. In fact, you can even show that minimizing the cost of your appointment setting process (e.g. outsourcing, limiting channels, minimal advertising) has only been so that you can focus on developing a cost efficient solution!
  • Client testimonies – Another well-known tactic is to include authentic client testimonies in your software appointment setting campaign. Make sure that these clients are not to be scoffed at either though. More specifically, you need these to come from clients who really have a voice in the market and whose influence is an added to boost to your appointment setting campaign.
  • Dedication to improvement – Speaking of development though, that too can be another mark to show potential clients that you are not as far behind in the industry as your marketing image implies. Your appointment setting strategy also serves as a means of letting you know the current state of the playing field.

When you think about it, it is a fine way to teach people that only ‘appearing’ reliable can do more harm to both current and future appointment setting campaigns. One more reason why there are those who do not value appearances is because they know such appearances deceive. They do not deliver the results promised. On the other hand, your B2B lead generation strategy should only learn from that and market real results!

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