Social Media Trends 2012 – Content Curation in PR

In her post about social media trends in 2012 Beverly Macy says content curation is important because people want to know what’s important and they want to discover interesting and relevant content.

“Competitive advantage goes to companies who quickly figure out how to enable effective aggregation curation. Look for rapid innovation in this field.”

Content curation is an important Digital PR skill

There are already a slew of tools that enable curation of content.  You can do it with a blog or use a more sophisticated platform like Curata.

One obvious place to do curation of content – including your own social content – is on your online newsroom with social features. You can create a channel of industry news and interesting content that your customers and stakeholders would find interesting and useful.  As Rebecca Lieb says in her new book about Content Marketing: It’s time to think like a publisher.

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This is not a new idea in PR. Many companies have published a regular newsletter for years.  Some firms have produced very professional and sophisticated publications.  If you have been in that sphere of PR, now’s the time to learn digital publishing skills and put that experience to work.

Online media is catching on to this idea.  Advertorial has  always been a good revenue vehicle for the media and a means for brands to publish their content their way.  Forbes now offers branded blogging and HuffPo just followed suit.  I’ll put money on the table that more of these opportunities will arise in 2012.

If you do plan to start curating content in 2012 as part of your Digital PR strategy, read this post  by Robin Good and take note of his curation  checklist:

A great curator:

  1. Optimizes titles so it is relevant for that audience
  2. Edits  the content to add further relevance of the message
  3. Formats the material so it is easy for the audience to read and apply to  their situation
  4. Adds good images and other visual material that complements and reinforces the content
  5. Excerpts selected text so the reader can quickly and easily grasp the most important elements
  6. Adds his or her own voice in an intro  to the piece, adding context and relevance for the reader
  7. Tags all content with relevant words and phrases so it is easily found by that audience
  8. Supplies links to expand the scope of the piece and give access to added resources about the subject
  9. Personalizes each piece for the relevant audience when posting to social sites, when appropriate
  10. Ensures all curated content is correct and from a reliable source
  11. Always gives attribution and links to sources
  12. Filters content vigorously and does not publish anything and everything
  13. Has a network of experts and curators in their sphere that they can tap into for personal insights
  14. Suggests stories and items to other curators
  15. Searches for additional material that can add depth and value or context to an item
  16. Constantly scouts for interesting new sources
  17. Sets up searches, filters and feeds to get a constant flow of relevant information
  18. Makes the focus of the curated content perfectly clear and easy to see right upfront
  19. Recommends other newsmasters and curators with great content
  20. Crowd sources tips and suggestions from readers and always acknowledges their contributions

“The more of these activities you incorporate in your content curation workflow, the higher the quality and the value that you will be creating.   It is not easy, nor fast, but it is something meaningful for me and it makes me feel I have truly contributed to “make sense” of the information and resources available out there.”

Robin Good

There is no doubt that content curation is a Digital PR skill that can gather an audience and create a thought leadership position.  And, just as with most activities, success comes from excellent execution.

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