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What to Do When People Talk Bad About Your Business Online

If people talk bad about your business on their website, blog posts, etc., what can you do about it? Are there services that will help you remove bad posts about your company? How do you get negative information about your company removed from the Internet?

Reputation is everything. That truth resonates with small businesses across the country, and in the age of the internet reputations are more fragile than ever. What is said on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google Reviews can either turn customers away or draw them to your business. So when your company receives a negative comment you may find yourself wondering, what can I do about it?

negative-reviewThe fact is negative comments and reviews are going to be written about your business regardless of how great of a business owner you are. There are some things you can do to remove or eliminate these negative comments from affecting your business, and there are things you should avoid doing to get your company’s reputation back in good standings.

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For starters you never want to argue with your customer online. Remember that everything you say on the internet stays there forever. You can respond with an email or offer if you so choose but be careful whom you respond to. Many people are playing you for a fool or are looking to destroy your reputation because they are your competition.

Once you get past what not to do, there are a couple of companies that do offer services to remove negative comments/posts from certain websites. Sites like offer several different programs that are used to track and remove any negative comments about your business. has been touted by the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal for its expertise in this field, so it is a viable option for changing your internet reputation. Another site called is also a trustworthy site and offers free analysis of your Internet reputation and builds you a package accordingly. Both sites are simple to use but may cost you a lot over time so allocated your funds appropriately.

If these services do not provide the balance you are looking for, consider an alternative route. Instead of focusing your energy and money on removing negative comments why not consider encouraging your satisfied customers to post positive reviews on sites like Yelp? If you provide an incentive to do so you can see your reviews level out and eventually those negative comments become obsolete to your new customers.

It is important to keep your reputation positive, and with hard work and services like the aforementioned you can see a dramatic improvement in your online presence.

Co-written by Peter Geisheker and Alanna Monical

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  • You make some valid points , but regardless of which site offers ways to fix online reputation – the fact is humans judge humans regardless of what they do and who they are …

    For example – news of horror , crime, death, rape gets highlighted in offline and online news yet the chances of someone being spoken positively is very slim …

    That’s just the way humans live …

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