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Bloggers at the Center of Your Platform: Strategies for Marketers and PR Professionals

Influencer marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing and blogger outreach are all on the tip of every marketers tongues while articles covering these buzzwords are followed by many.

Q: Do you know what all of these trends/buzzwords/marketing terms/tactics all have in common?

A: The need for bloggers.

Bloggers are crucial for a successful strategy in a few ways. They promote your content through their social media channels, they tweet and share your awesome posts, they often allow you to post a guest post on their blog, they may write their own recommendation of your brand or product, etc.

That’s the who and here are the three biggest reasons why content marketers and PR professionals need bloggers.

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Research Tells us That They are Your Brand’s Number One Influencers

This report from Technorati shows that the bloggers are a brand’s number one influencers but marketers keep missing the mark.

BlogHer did an extensive study and found that 81% of consumers trust blogger recommendations. That’s a lot.

Consumers Rely on Word of Mouth

Consumers are now wired to tune out traditional advertisements while relying on word of mouth. The bloggers not only have the loudest but also the most influential mouths. Haven’t you noticed all of the faded billboards? Consumers don’t want to hear about a brand from a brand, they want to hear about products from friends and influencers aka bloggers.

Working with Bloggers is Cheaper than Outbound Tactics

Inbound marketing is not only more effective but it’s also a cheaper strategy. In my opinion, blogger outreach done correctly shouldn’t cost much more than the salary that you give your content marketer. With the right outreach tactics and collaboration attitude, getting mentions from bloggers is a lot less draining in the budget.

Where to Find Influencers and How to get them on Your Side

We’ve established who we need, why we need them and now for the most important part—how to get the influencers on our side and where to find them.

Every campaign needs influential bloggers. Who these influential bloggers are will be different for each campaign. Just because a blogger has a lot of followers doesn’t mean that they are a good fit for your campaign. What really matters is whether or not your brand or product fits in nicely with what they write about. Yes, regardless of followers, it’s about quality not quantity.

The easiest way to find influential bloggers is with an outreach tool like GroupHigh which allows you to search for bloggers in any conceivable niche and allows you to narrow down with a variety of filters such as location, Twitter followers, links, post topics and more.

Finding the bloggers that you want to align with is crucial to your campaign but it’s just the beginning. Reaching out to bloggers shouldn’t be as much of a pitch as it should be a virtual introduction, here is an all-encompassing guide to blogger outreach if you are new to the tactic.

Do you have any strategies for aligning your brand, clients or company with influencers? I would love to discuss strategies in the comments below!

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  • In fairness, the Technorati Digital Influencer Report replaces the annual State of the Blogosphere Report, so it’s very skewed towards blogs and bloggers. It also carries forward the premise that social influence is led by perceived influencers based on algorithms that may or may not be highlighting the right people.

    Meanwhile, the true influencers are the ones that wouldn’t have even completed this survey, nor will they be getting measured by algorithms looking for influential people based on these same algorithms.

    Influence marketing as we know it is about to change, with real actionable data helping brands beyond the current model. It won’t just be restricted to blogs, although they are most certainly key.

    • To me influencer outreach is finding the right influencer based on your campaign. So, the influencers that you need will change per campaign.

      I agree that bloggers aren’t the ONLY influencers and I hope that is not what I conveyed in my article. I merely want to state that they are “key” like you said.

      Ideally influence (when using bloggers as influencers) is identified first by whether or not what the blogger writes about is a snug fit for your campaign and not how many Twitter followers they have.

      Loyalty of one’s audience is huge regardless of an influencer’s Klout or Facebook likes. I think the problem lies in how hard it is to put a measurement on loyalty and since marketers like measurements and numbers, they are a little stuck on followers and other metrics as keys to defining an influencer.

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