Benefits Of Using Recruitment Agencies

Providing candidates a definitive resource when job hunting, recruitment agencies have been a popular way of seeking employment for a number of years. As far back as 2004 a report revealed that almost half of people went directly to these sources and since then the use of recruitment agencies has become even more commonplace. Nowadays, recruitment agencies are available in both physical and digital domains, with internet based services continuing to make their mark in the employment sector. The internet has completely transformed the jobs market, with consumers and businesses utilising the medium for their own gain. In fact, the UK National Online Recruitment Survey found that 75% of people were already submitting job applications online as far back as 2004 – making the role of this system even more pronounced in the modern day. The use of agencies, whether online or in person, provides a number of benefits, improving the chances of a successful job hunt.

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Time management

 Perhaps one of the most commonly quoted benefits of using a recruitment agency is time management. For anyone looking to hire an employee or find a job, time is of the essence. In a market that is continually thriving, applicants and employees need to stay ahead of the curve, moving as quickly as possible to maximise their chances of success. Agencies are able to offer better time management by helping to match employers and candidates based on set criteria and skills. This reduces the amount of time wasted by submitting or reviewing unsuitable applications.

Availability of candidates

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 Another benefit is the widespread availability that is provided. Not only are there numerous businesses and job opportunities displayed for applicants but the number of candidates for businesses to consider is also extensive. This is useful across all industries but can play a particularly useful role within Public Relations recruitment. Public Relations (PR) is known for its competitive recruitment and the ability to access an almost endless supply of candidates through agencies is a huge asset.

Strong selection processes

Of course, quality should never be sacrificed for quantity and luckily recruitment agencies offer high levels of both. Whilst widespread availability takes care of the quantity, the strong selection process takes care of the quality – ensuring businesses get access to a large number of high-caliber candidates. The selection processes help to match candidates with job opportunities based on the criteria and information submitted by both. These processes can help to automatically eliminate applicants who do not have the necessary experience or knowledge, matching a candidate’s skills with an appropriate job.

Once again this is especially useful for PR recruiting where the wealth of competition means businesses can face an exhaustive list of candidates. Narrowing these through strong selection processes is just one of the benefits of using a recruitment agency, making the process of employment far easier for both the applicant and the employer.

Expert knowledge and advice

Lastly, recruitment agencies are experts in their field and that means they can offer vast knowledge and advice. This knowledge can help you to direct your own job search – whether you are looking for a viable opportunity or an eligible candidate.

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