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5 Press Release Optimization Tips

5 Press Release Optimization TipsFor businesses large and small, a press release can serve many functions in addition to generating publicity. It raises brand awareness, generates social media engagement, drives business, and benefits Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But how can you spread the message to the largest possible audience? Following are some tips to optimize your release for heightened exposure.

1. Choose a newsworthy topic

A press release without a newsworthy announcement isn’t a press release, it’s an ad. Journalists like having an inbox flooded with ads as much as you do. If your announcement lacks real news, it will also lack real interest. The first step to creating a stellar press release that gets traction is giving readers something they’ll want to talk about.

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2. Include an image

You know the old cliché about pictures and their worth, so why aren’t you including one in your news release? Numerous articles and studies tout the benefits of visuals. Just take a look at your local paper or news site and you’ll see that most stories are accompanied by a picture. Even if you don’t have a photo to include, providing some other form of branding, such as a logo, can go a long way in improving pick-up rates.

3. Create some links

Press releases can serve a couple of different functions, not least of which is helping SEO campaigns. Enhance your keyword strategy by including backlinks to your site. It will also help your release look less static and one-dimensional.

4. Incorporate keywords

This tip goes along with #3 in that it’s a great way to build SEO. When writing your release, always write for a human audience first, and then go back and consider how to optimize it for search engines. Just don’t go too crazy. Remember, people are always your primary audience. They are your customers. Keep text natural and use the keywords only where they make sense within the writing.

5. Plan your distribution

One can’t overstate the importance of sharing your work across various social media channels. Also feel free to ask your fans and followers to share and RT your message to their respective audiences. In addition, look into press release distribution platforms to cast a wide net over online, broadcast, and print publications. And, don’t forget to work on some targeted pitches to journalists covering your industry.

By incorporating these tips into your next press release campaign, you’ll broaden distribution and create more value for people on the receiving end of your news. Reporters are always on the look-out for the next big thing, and it’s your job to make it easy for them to find. Optimizing your press release using these tips also increases the likelihood of it being seen by the most important audience, your customers (and soon-to-be customers).

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