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5 Pieces of Content to Replace Your Old Press Releases

Picture this: you have a huge announcement to make about your company. Maybe you have just released a new upgrade to your software that makes it run 10 times faster. Or you’ve come up with the ultimate sweat eliminating running clothing. Or maybe the employees in your office painted a mural on the side of your building and it’s quite fantastic.

Instead of creating a press release, what if you tried some alternative forms of content to spread your news?

We’re marketing and forming relationships in a B2C2C world. Businesses spread information to influential consumers who then spread it to their network of other consumer with their word of mouth recommendations.

And there are some optimal types of content that can help brands spread information effectively to influential consumers, brand advocates and interested buyers.

Blogger Outreach Emails

Bloggers are a great source in helping spread information. After all, 81% of the digital population trusts advice they get from bloggers and 61% has made a purchase based on blogger recommendations.

Use your favorite blogger outreach tool (were partial to GroupHigh, hehe) but there are others out there that may fit better for your brand so here is a list of some more.

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Search for bloggers in your vertical and simply reach out and introduce you and your brand. Keep it short, sweet and personal. More tips on emailing bloggers here.

Empower Brand Advocates With Awesome Content

Keep your advocates in love with your brand by treating them as VIP’s and creating content tailored just for them.

Consider sending special coupons they can share with their network, exclusive information, ebooks, and even access to your product or service before its released (so they create their own content). In return they’ll share their inside information and resources that you send them with their own networks.

Unlike with press releases, content to empower advocates allows you to focus your efforts on gathering leads from people who already love your brand. After all, leads from advocates convert way higher than any other lead source.

Emails to Consumer Base with Resources Designed Just for Them

Based on feedback from your consumers, create content that they have told you they love. Also, track past content and analyze a few topics that have done well for your brand.

Create these forms of content if you haven’t already and weave in your brand’s announcement in an authentic way.

Send out an email containing your content and if you can’t weave your brand’s announcement in to the piece of content you’re emailing out—simply add it at the end of the email. And yes, it’s okay for you ask them to share it with their own networks.

Write a Blog Post

Whether it’s on your blog or a guest post on someone else’s blog, write your announcement in a blog post.

Remember to include story telling components that weave in your announcement. A blog post is nothing like a dry press release. It’s interesting, easy to digest and hopefully fun to read.

Email Coworkers and Influential Connections

Everyone wants a network of people who shares each other’s content and announcements, right? It’s about social sharing karma and we need all of it we can get.

Email your coworkers and ask them to update their email signature with a link of a blog post announcing your news and to spread the word on their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

Email your influential connections and tell them you want to keep them in the loop and ask them to share your announcement with their network. You can even mention that next time they have a piece of content or information they want to share—they’ve already got a favor from you!

What other forms of content do you think are good “press release replacements?” Cheers to a good discussion in the comments below!

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  • thank you for the tips! I also agree that generating leads from people who already believe that your brand has some authority and credibility can be fairly effective. Happy customers bring more customers – I like that theory :)

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