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3 Ways to Promote Offline Events Online

The internet offers a lot of ways to market and promote anything, including offline events. Various social media platforms can be used to market your networking event. But that’s not all that the internet has to offer.

Following are three (3) more ways for you to promote your event to your target audience:

1.       Blogging

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A blog provides a medium for you to share whatever it is you want your readers to know. You can write a post about your event on your business blog. Alternatively, you can also have a new blog specially created for promoting your event. Announcing the event on your blog just once wouldn’t cut it, though. You have to write out a series of posts to garner the attention of new readers and further encourage your audience. For big events, a new blog or even an entirely new website will give you the opportunity to provide your readers with more details about the event.

2.       Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods used to promote products, services and events. It allows you to reach out to your most dedicated readers. And it’s cheap, too.

First off, you need to setup an email marketing strategy. For that, you need an email marketing program such as Aweber, Constant Contact, MailChimp and Madmimi. Thereafter, construct marketing messages, event promotions and newsletters. Send these to your email list, but make sure you’re not spamming them with tons of emails. If you are promoting an event that is still months away, you can send promotions and event-related emails once every two weeks. As the event date closes in, shake up your marketing by sending weekly updates on the event. As the event date draws nearer and nearer, you can send biweekly promotional emails.

3.       Paid advertising

Google and Facebook provide advertising mediums for women entrepreneurs. If you have the budget, don’t hesitate to invest on paid adverts. These are displayed to targeted audiences who will most likely join the advertised event. However, make sure your ad is worded appropriately. Do a research on the keywords based on the preferences of your target readers. Prepare approximately 10 different ad copies. Test your keywords and ad copies so you will know which work best.

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