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Tracking Your Tool Inventory More Efficiently

Every company needs to keep track of tool inventory. The costs associated with not having a good control system on inventory are very high. Tool tracking software is a system that has the ability to not only keep track of the tools, but also find out where the problems in breakage and loss are.

The improved productivity from tracking tool inventory more efficiently include:

  • Keep supervisors supervising (and not looking for tools)
  • Have tools available 24/7 without additional personnel
  • Strategically placed unmanned tool cribs equipped with tool crib software to keep employees working instead of waiting for a tool
  • Updated and complete records of not only tools, but also supplies
  • Purchasing will be more efficient

The cost savings when using software include:

  • Consumption will drop as well as waste, theft and abuse of tools
  • Carry only the inventory needed
  • No more stock outs

Using tool inventory software will free up supervisors and keep workers working by keeping the tool and supplies in a tool crib near where they work. The software tracks this check in and check out process, giving you updated records of who has what tool and if more need to be ordered. It’s essentially a much more efficient system that really pinpoints problem areas in productivity.

And for manufacturers who want to invest in other parts of their business, the savings that software brings is invaluable. When you know just what needs to be ordered there is no overstocking of inventory items. With tracking software you know who was responsible for a missing or damaged tool. You also have employees that spend more time working, increasing their work flow and ultimately their productivity.

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Everyone wants efficiency to be inversely related to expenses – at the end of the day, you need a positive ROI to grow your business. That’s where tool cribs and their supplemental software comes into play. The ability to have the necessary data when ordering supplies or making personnel decisions is critical, along with increased productivity from your team.

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