The Why And The How Of Order Management Optimization

From cutting costs to increasing customer satisfaction, a thorough e-commerce fulfillment process takes all necessary steps and precautions to make your brand shine.

Here are the three realities and their corresponding rationales of why an optimized order fulfillment process gives your company major payoffs:Optimize Your Order Management Process

1.    Optimizing your order fulfillment process cuts costs and inefficiencies.

By integrating your systems, order management eliminates manual data re-entry between web, fulfillment, finance and support departments. This, in turn, decreases manual labor, time lags and processing errors that result in unsatisfied customers and returns.

2.   Optimizing your order fulfillment process increases customer retention and order sizes.

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When customers get their orders fast without hitch or hiccup, they’ll stick around. And with improved order visibility and easy tracking, they’ll feel safe ordering those big-ticket orders from you.

3.   Optimizing your order fulfillment process slims down risk (and cost) of fraud.

The Merchant Risk Council reports that fraud can swallow up to 1.5% of your revenue. End-to-end product fulfillment includes security checks, order screening and various fraud precautions at strategic points in the process to cut this risk and the costs.

But we won’t stop at why. Here are tips on how to optimize your order management and access those payoffs:

1.    Enforce end-to-end customer service.

Your customers are what keep your company running, so you want every point of contact they have with you to be a pleasing one. This starts with your website. It should be both robust and user-friendly, and it should not advertise what’s not available in your inventory! Offer notifications about product availability  – when something’s either running low or out of stock. There’s nothing worse than a customer excitedly awaiting the arrival of a product, only to be told that it’s not in stock or not offered anymore.

Customer service continues with customer service representatives who are committed to making your brand shine  They respond to your customers, and they respond promptly – answering all questions and alleviating all concerns, whether on the phone or via email.

2.   Detach pick from pack.

It’s crucial to assign separate teams to pick and pack your orders. With one task to focus on, the teams will not only be more efficient, they’ll also be much less likely to make mistakes.

3.   Enhance order visibility for the customer.

Your customer took the time and money to order your product. So give them some instant gratification and peace of mind by sending an order confirmation as soon as the order is placed. And when it’s shipped, the ship date and tracking information should be emailed to the customer immediately. This eliminates any doubts or concerns regarding their order and promotes a positive perception of your brand throughout the order management process.

For further reading, here’s a helpful tip sheet to learn more about optimizing your order management process.

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