9 Great Podcasts for Small Business Owners

Small business owners face a pair of challenges that make mastery difficult.

On the one hand, they must learn and grow if they want their businesses to succeed. But on the other, few have time to do the reading and research it takes to grow.

Podcasts are an elegant solution to this dilemma. The best ones deliver solid, current information you can take in while running errands, getting exercise and other body-heavy, but mind-light activities. Here are nine of the best as of October, 2012.

  1. Manager Tools Probably the richest source of solid information and advice on this list, Manager Tools covers specific topics like soliciting feedback, giving unfavorable performance reviews and shutting down that guy who keeps derailing your meetings.
  2. StartUp Nation StartUp Nation has grown from a simple podcast to something of an empire. Depending on your needs, the Sloan brothers provide advice for starting businesses, running businesses, money management, technology for businesses and a just about anything else.
  3. Harvard Business Review IdeaCast Like the Harvard Law Review, but about business and in audio format. Covers topics from motivating employees to new media to organizing your work and time.
  4. SmallBiz Brain For a break in the monovoice podcast action, SmallBiz Brain offers a new interview every week. Host David Wolf brings us expert insights from the likes of Tom Marx, William McKnight and George Lovato.
  5. Get It Done Guy This member of the “Quick and Dirty Tips” franchise offers actionable advice to “Work Less and Do More.” It’s a shorter — often under five minutes — ‘cast delivered in an irreverent tone. Great for short car trips.
  6. Marketplace NPR’s business news program is also available to download as a podcast. If this isn’t one of your go-to sources for current events and economic issues, it should be. At the least, it will give you something to talk with your friends about at the next Chamber meeting.
  7. Taking Control, the Organizers’ Podcast Though the advice in this program is presented for families organizing their homes, the bulk of it can be seamlessly applied to your small business. The hosts also provide a selection of forms and worksheets to support your organizing efforts.
  8. Freakonomics The podcast based on the best-selling books about how incentives drive human behavior, this program delivers still more discoveries on “The Hidden Side of Everything.” Listen for the ideas or just for the amusement value.
  9. Work Awesome Podcast Another show on the list for cross-application purposes, Work Awesome has two benefits for business owners. First, the ideas for working well are just as valid for your own efforts. Second, you can use it to inspire and lead your team of loyal minions.

Want to listen to some podcasts specifically about mobile marketing? Check out this post at the Ez Texting blog, Podcasts Your Mobile Marketing Guy Should Be Listening To.

The podcast scene is constantly evolving. If you have an update about one of these casts, or a new one you want to share, tell us about it in the comments below.

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