4 Reasons iLove the Internet Marketing Podcast

I’m becoming a huge fan of podcasts.

While I enjoy reading, I’ve grown to appreciate the ability to listen to content which allows me to multitask. I listen to podcasts when I exercise, while I drive, and even when I’m traveling.

Not all podcasts are created equally though! A little over a year ago I recommended 3 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now, and while I do still listen and enjoy those shows my new favorite podcast is the Internet Marketing Podcast by SiteVisibility.

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Here are 4 reasons why iLove the Internet Marketing Podcast:

1. Content is King

There is an old saying that in content marketing content is king and this podcast is the best I’ve found for information related to content marketing, search engine marketing, and all things in between. If you are a school beginning with inbound marketing, or trying to improve your inbound marketing efforts, you should begin listening to this podcast.

2. Great Length

A pet peeve of mine are long podcasts. I already mentioned that I enjoy listening to podcasts while doing other things so carving out a long block of time to finish listening to a show is tough to do. The Internet Marketing Podcast seems to be a perfect length – a half hour or less.

3. Very Educational

The main reason iLove the Internet Marketing Podcast is that I just learn so darn much in under 3o minutes. Kelvin and Andy, the hosts of the podcast, are knowledge and make the topics they discuss very accessible. I keep coming back because I keep learning more and more!

4. Love the Accent

I’m based in the US and SiteVisibilty is based in the UK and quite honestly I enjoy Kelvin and Andy’s accents. Although I’m only half kidding the final thing I enjoy is the casual and relaxed nature of podcast. Kelvin and Andy seem to really enjoy the show and the content which in some way translates into me enjoying the podcast even more.

If you are in any way involved with marketing at a school I highly encourage you to check out the Internet Marketing Podcast from SiteVisibility. After you listen to an episode I would love to hear your reactions by sharing them in the comments section below.

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