Your Unofficial Pinterest FAQ

Pinterest has gained a lot of traction and now the growth is slowing somewhat. But that isn’t cooling the enthusiasm by users who seem to love it just as much today as they did the first day they joined.

If you are finding yourself a little confused by the whole site, here is a simple (unofficial) FAQ to answer some of the most common questions asked around the web.

    • What Is Pinterest? – Pinterest is an image based website that allows you to pull photos from around the web and share them with other users. It is synced with a Facebook or Twitter account, and you can choose to share things you pin on your account, or not to.

Pinterest FAQ

    • Does It Cost Anything To Join? – No, it is completely free. It is paid for mainly through sponsorship by companies utilizing the features for their own gains, as well as various marketing strategies. It costs nothing to the individual user, just as Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare and YouTube are free.
    • What Has Made It So Popular? – The ability to quickly pin images onto ‘boards’ has its advantages. It is a different kind of social media that lets you pin the actual photo, instead of a link to a different page. You can sort those images into other categories, and it is easy to search for similar images on the site. There is also the fact that it appeals to women, and females make up nearly the entire user base.
    • How Do You Pin An Image? – When you sign up, it will allow you to download the plugin, which gives you a small button on the bookmark toolbar at the top of your browser. It says ‘Pin In’, and any time you see an image you want to share you can click it. When you do, it will give a selection of any photos on the page. You choose the image you want to share, write a description or source link and then pin it to your chosen board.


    • Why Do You Have To Request An Invite? – This is to control the surge of new users. Many businesses use this tactic, such as Google+ or Pottermore. You request an invite, they send a confirmation email, and then they accept your invite request and allow you to sign up through an email link. Think of it as a beta requirement.
    • How Long Does It Take For An Invite To Be Accepted? – It will largely depend on how many requests they have received. The average seems to be two to three days. If you have gone more than a week, you can contact the site or request another invite. Always check your spam folder to make sure it has not been sent there by mistake.
    • What If I Am Getting Spammed? Sadly, there is nothing you can do about spammers at this point in time. Occasionally you may get an email saying that your have been tagged by someone you don’t know on Pinterest. This is usually a spammer. All you can do is ignore it until they come up with a way to remove spammers from the site.
    • Why Doesn’t The Pintrest Button Work On My Website? – It might just not be compatible. Or your host might have something in place to block such programs for the sake of copyright protection. Currently, there is no known way around this.
    • How Can I Find The Source Of An Image On Pinterest? – Sometimes people will post a note on where they found it, such as the copyright owner and you can search it out that way. Other times they might connect it to a link to the original source. If not, you can use a program like Pin Search. It is a simple Chrome plugin that lets you search for any other postings around the web of an image, so you can find the original site.

Pinterest Copyrights

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  • Why Can’t I Pin Directly From Facebook? – This is hard to say for sure, but the short answer is that Facebook doesn’t want you do. If I had to guess, it is because Pinterest has slacked a bit on their growth. So while you still connect to the account, they don’t see any potential benefits of allowing you to report from Facebook itself. Either way, you can’t get around the block. You will have to find the original image or another posting somewhere else, and pin from there.

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Pinterest is a great site for sharing images, finding cool stuff and connecting with others sharing your interest. It is the new wave of social media. Now is as good a time as any to join, so check it out for yourself!

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  • Stephanie Botts says:

    Hi, I am fairly new to Pinterest and was wondering why on a lot of potential pins I get an Access Denied message. I wasn’t sure if I needed to do something to be allowed to Pin. I mostly pin recipes and have noticed this happening a lot. I’d appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you, Steph

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