Why The New Pinterest Contest Rules (Mostly) Make Sense

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  • There is one big reason I’ve never run a contest on Pinterest (or Instagram, for the same reason): I can’t figure out a good way to notify winners. Do most people just do it through the comments? What happens if Pinterest goes the same way as FB and disallows winner notification on their site?

    • Jen: many brands have had your same concerns and have thus run one of the following three hybrid Pinterest contests.

      The first is to host the contest on company blog/Website where entrants add a comment to the contest post w/the URL of their board/pin entry. With this method, winners are usually announced in a new blog post or as a final comment to the contest post.

      The second option is to create a custom Facebook tab for entrants to paste their URL of their board/pin entry and add their email address.

      Others who don’t have the tech skills/bandwidth for the first two options have required entrants to send their board/pin entry to a company email address.

      In the last two cases, companies can contact winners via email. In the first case, brands can ask a winner to send their email to a particular address for further info.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you’d like more info.

  • Lisa, Thanks for the great post about Pinterest Contest. Contest guidelines can get confusing real quick when a company uses a bunch of legal jargon. It’s nice to see Pinterest communicating like a person and not a law office — or at least giving us both versions (legal and normal language).

    Thanks again!

    Leah Van Rooy

  • You may want to update this post. It now states under the DON’T list: “Encourage spammy behavior, such as asking participants to comment.” The word “repeatedly” is not mentioned which leaves me to think commenting at all is not allowed to be part of a contest.

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