Why Pinterest Is The New Google For Visual Content Search

Pinterest LogoTechCrunch published an article this week announcing Pinterest had reached 11.7 million unique monthly U.S. visitors, which means the wildly successful social platform has crossed the 10 million mark faster than any other standalone site in history.

As new users join Pinterest by the masses daily so does the massive database of inspiring imagery and visual content, spanning every category from food recipes and home decor to infographics and creative product packaging. This vast collection of visual content, mixed with the highly addictive social aspect that Pinterest has so intelligently crafted, is quickly becoming the go to search engine for any type of visual/photo-based content. This is proving to be a powerful source of traffic for companies who have been pinned, since each user-generated pin is essentially another inbound link to the associated website where the image derived.

Sure, Pinterest lends itself perfectly for photographers, graphic designers or clothing manufacturers whose services and products are highly visual in nature. But Pinterest is also proving to provide a space for companies less fortunate in the area of abundant visual content, but who are creative in how they leverage this platform. 

General Electric is a great example of a company who has leveraged the visual assets of the large machinery they work on everyday and their products from over the years, but they also have showcased user-generated content from their #GEInspiredMe campaign. This has given GE a new and fresh way to showcase their brand and engage with their fans in a fun way.

General Electric Pinterest

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Although Pinterest only supports still images, video content is also being pinned through the use of video stills that then link to the actual video asset. This will prove to be powerful for companies whose product or service is best shown through the use of demonstration, and video continues to be a powerful vehicle for content consumption on the web.

As Pinterest continues to grow at record pace and as the social consumer changes their behaviors on how they conduct a search for visual-based content via the use of their Pinterest account, companies need to evaluate how they can best leverage this platform to showcase their own content. For tips on learning the basics of Pinterest and how to get started, download our free tip sheet: How-to Guide to Get Your Business Started on Pinterest.

Pinterest tip sheet

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  • Ryan says:

    Imagine how large the database will be a year from now! It’s already insanely huge…can’t wait for Pinterest to release statistics.

    That’s why we launched http://pinfaves.com – hopefully over time we can curate the best of the best on Pinterest, according to the Pinterest (and non-Pinterest) community.

    • Frank Isca says:

      Great point, Ryan! Based on the growth we’ve all seen Pinterest experience, who knows how big they’ll be 6 months and a year from now. Looks like you’ve found a way to take advantage of this growing platform. I’ll be sure to dig into your site. Best of luck!

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