Why Brands Should Use Themed Pinterest Boards

Three Brands Highlight the Importance of Using Themed Pinterest Boards

Curating a well thought out Pinterest account can be a time consuming process, especially if you’re trying to make it a meaningful extension of your overall brand voice. For simplicity’s sake, many companies will stick to broad themes when creating and categorizing new boards. However, there are many advantages to creating boards based around more specific themes, such as holidays or fashion trends. Some might argue that this could make your Pinterest look like a fragmented mess, but when it’s done right, having highly targeted boards actually accomplishes quite the opposite!

Martha Stewart Living Is Always Helpful for the Holidays

Martha Stewart Living has amassed an audience of over 350,000 followers on their Pinterest account, which has over 100 boards categorized as specifically as “Easter Egg Ideas,” “Memorial Day Recipes + Ideas,” and even “Asparagus Recipes.”

A sampling of Pinterest boards from Martha Stewart Living.

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A sampling of Pinterest boards from Martha Stewart Living.

Some might criticize the boards for being too sensitive to time and trends, but one of the reasons that Martha Stewart Living attracted such a wide audience is precisely because the boards are so topical. Those who follow Martha Stewart Living can rest assured that when a holiday like Cinco De Mayo rolls around, an unconventional margarita recipe or instructions on setting up a taco bar will pop up in their newsfeed to add an inspiring touch to their celebration. This is a huge draw for pinners who are looking for ways to make their life more beautiful, unique and well-designed. It also provides new visitors who stumble upon your Pinterest boards an incredible amount of content to explore — giving them more incentive to click the “Follow” button.

The takeaway: Creating boards with specific themes provides opportunities to pin fresh, trending content, which makes your pins more timely and useful for your followers.

Free People Gives You The Freedom To Express Yourself

Free People (132,000+ followers) has general boards such as “FP Lookbooks” (lookbook images), “FP Kicks” (shoes) and “Live FP” (home), but they’ve also taken the steps towards creating more specific boards:


Each of these boards represent a different Free People aesthetic: Meadow, the bohemian free spirit; Lou, the edgy rocker; Candy, soft and feminine; and Ginger, who rounds it out with a touch of glam. All of this content could have been aggregated into a general “FP Girl” board; but by segmenting it, Free People showcased the diversity of their brand, and in a powerful display of Pinterest’s visual storytelling power, was able to flesh out these specific archetypes for their individual followers to identify with. Additionally, someone who identifies more with Lou can follow her individual board without having Candy’s or Meadow’s pins show up in her feed – a nice way to ensure your audience is being fed only the most relevant content.

The takeaway: You can use targeted board themes to lend power and authenticity to your brand voice, and to connect with your followers in more meaningful ways.

UGG Australia Helps You Find Your Way

UGG Australia Pinterest Contest

Having specific board themes can also be extremely effective when running Pinterest campaigns, such as tastemaker partnerships or contests. UGG Australia recently ran a contest through HelloSociety’s HelloPartners program, promoting their Spring 2013 collection with the theme #LetsGetLost. Generating over 500 entries, #LetsGetLost invited UGG Australia followers to create a travel board based around a specific destination. This contest requirement encouraged UGG Australia followers to approach the contest in a more creative, critical way. Finding travel pins is not a difficult task but contest participants had the more challenging task of creating a board which communicated the spirit of an individual city, like Barcelona or Bangkok – meaning they automatically spent more time investing themselves into the contest, and consequently, into the brand.

The takeaway: If you’re running a Pinterest campaign, focusing it around more specific, personally relevant content is an easy way to increase user engagement.

One of the great things about Pinterest as a social media platform is that it provides new, dynamic ways to give dimension to your brand – don’t box yourself in by sticking to stale, overly broad themes for your boards.

Not sure how to get started? A solid approach is to create all your general boards first, then start creating themed boards as you determine what story you want to tell on Pinterest and what content resonates with your fans.

Do you prefer to categorize your boards in ways that are broad and all-encompassing, or specific and targeted? What, in your opinion are, the advantages and disadvantages of each approach?

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  • This valuable advice, organization and creativity is key for long term success on Pinterest. The Pinterest guard is quick to shake off the spammers or obvious pitchs of products. It’s a shock that it’s taken so long for bussiness’s to join the pinning craze-Joseph Sorbara

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