Want to Use Pinterest For Your Brand? Consider These 4 Tips!

More than 11 million users, huge pageviews and an overflow of media attention. Life is good for Pinterest. It’s not only getting bigger in America but also in Europe. Since my last blog about Pinterest a lot has changed. Pinterest has a complete new design, the app for the iPad is on it’s way and they have taken measures regarding the copyright policy of images and videos on social media. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new and some additional tips.

The New Design

The new design shows one big picture (your most recent pin) and four smaller photo’s/videos which give you an idea of the board. This way you know right away if you find this board interesting enough to follow. You can adjust the order of the visible pinboards of your own profile.

Also new is getting recommendations of other Pinners to follow that match your profile. In addition, they have introduced the ‘activity’ function. This is similar to the ‘Interactions’ button that Twitter introduced a while ago and keeps track of everything your friends do (pin, repin, like and follow). Next to the existing iPhone app, there will be an iPad app available soon and the founders of Pinterest promised that the API will come soon.

Copyright issues
The most criticism Pinterest got was about the vague copyright policy of the site. What happens when images are pinned from sites with copyright? Does this violate the copyright laws? Pinterest says that users are responsible for watching the violation of copyright. To meet the law on copyright Pinterest does have a form in which you can indicate any violations of privacy. These reports will then be examined by Pinterest and will take action if needed.

With regard to traffic, Pinterest has overtaken Twitter,Google+, YouTube and even LinkedIn. Which is interesting because Pinterest is still invitation-only. The daily use of Pinterest has risen with 145% since the beginning of 2012.

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Meer verwijzend verkeer vanuit Pinterest dan Twitter

Tip 1
Decide if Pinterest and your brand are a match
This is the most important tip I can give you. Before you try yet another Social media tool, decide if your brand is “visual”. Pinterest is all about good looking pictures and people liking the pictures so they want to share it with others. It is going to be a challenge if your product isn’t visually appealing. Remember that building and maintaining a new social presence takes time so perhaps it might not be worth the effort or the right time to start a Pinterest campaign.

Tip 2
Know your customer and create boards accordingly

Create boards that fit with the lifestyle that your customer wants—and pin lots of images that fit that lifestyle, not just your own products/images. By creating boards that are about the lifestyle/interests of your customer, as opposed to just your products, your customer feels you know what they are all about.

Tip 3
Make sure that your images are creative and vibrant

As said before it is all about good looking pictures. So be creative and make sure you use vibrant images. Use a vertical composition as Pinterest’s current browsing layout gives vertical images more real estate.

Tip 4
Be a member of the Pinterest community

Be sure to follow, like and repin others. Just like any other Social Media tool, your Pinterest account grows and thrives through engagement. So it’s important to follow your customers—and like and repin images that fit in with your brand and image.


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  • Sarah says:

    We have just set up a Pinterest account for one of our Fashion blogs. Although i do not know much about Pinterest as yet, it definitely looks like it could be lots of fun depending on what you use it for. Thank you for your Tips will be sure to pass on the insightful information.

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