Do You Want More Pinterest Followers? Join and Create Group Boards

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  • Jenny Lens says:

    The fact that ppl see what group pinners pin drives some of us outta our mind. I keep finding random, strange, unwanted pins on my wall. In most cases, that person is in a group I’m following. Pinterest won’t tell us which group boards we are following. Also, ppl can put you onto group boards.

    I’m getting way too many unwanted pins. Some are really upsetting. I see this issue online quite a bit: not all of us are happy campers.

    I plan on using Pinterest for business. Whether or not I create any group boards remains to be seen. I don’t want ppl upset at me like I am with them. Some ppl I’m blocking due to unwanted pins. IS that any way to build a business? Methinks not.

    IF you want followers, there’s more ethical ways to get them than forcing pins on people. This crosses a certain line. Remember, social media is about RELATIONSHIPS.

    Maybe you could empathize with those of us who find group boards more trouble than they are worth. I’ve spent hours this week tracking down unwanted pinners and boards. Not cool at all.

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