Using Pinterest To Attract And Retain Valuable Website Traffic (Case Study)

Like many bloggers and brands, we created a Pinterest business page when they first became available back in 2012.  For the first few months we stumbled around and slowly grew a following by trying to repeat the success of other publishers like Mashable.  However, there wasn’t a clear plan and we didn’t have the time to commit to actively managing the account.  After several months we did gain moderate traction and our referral traffic from Pinterest was consistently around 3,500 visitors a month.

In April 2013, the team from Hello Society approached us about managing our Pinterest account and right away we “clicked”.  Under their management our followers have steadily increased and more importantly the monthly referral traffic has significantly increased each month.  Below is a look at the reasons why we strongly endorse them.

1. The People

When you have an opportunity to work with people who are down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do it increases your likelihood of success and equally important makes work fun.

2. The Strategy

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In our first strategy call, their questions focused on gaining an understanding of our goals and quickly they understood our needs and put together a plan.  The presentation of their strategy was concise, very well organized and clearly described how they would achieve our goals.

3. Trust

Since the time we originally agreed to the plan of attack, we have placed full trust in their expertise and as a result they have not disappointed.  Their team proactively makes recommendations based on the trends they are seeing and since we are so closely aligned on the “big picture” they have the freedom to experiment.

4. Results

The results we have seen in a short period of time have been outstanding.  Since taking over the day-to-day responsibilities, our referral traffic has increased from 3,952 visitors (month prior) to 16,592 (June 2013).  They have helped make Pinterest become one of the top 10 sources of traffic to our site.

Pinterest Stats

Today, we view Hello Society as a strategic partner and not just a vendor focused on execution.  They have helped created a clear plan and organization of our account.

Pinterest Board

Below are 5 tips for building a successful Pinterest account from the team at Hello Society:

Tip #1 – Treat your Pinterest account as an integral component to your business’s marketing strategy. You should devote as much thought and time into developing a Pinterest account as you would any other business plan. Understand who your audience is, what is trending in your industry of interest and what you want to achieve with Pinterest before making your account.

Tip #2 – Build your account organically. People make the mistake of over-saturating their boards with too many pins in a short amount of time. Your followers won’t want a pin feed flooded with only your content and often times; this mistake will cause them to “unfollow” you. Spread out your pins gradually throughout the day and keep it to a maximum of around 30-35 total in a 24-hour span.

Tip #3 – Variety is key. Pinterest should not be mistaken as a platform simply to promote your business. It should be thought of as digital catalog that conveys your business’s passions and interests as well your own products. Create boards that touch on popular topics on Pinterest, such as food, fashion, and travel. For instance, a surf shop shouldn’t simply pin images of surfboards and wetsuits — they should also make sure that their boards include images of things such as favorite surfing locations, ideas for food to eat at the beach, trendy beach attire. Adding variety will not only will it make your Pinterest handle more visually pleasing, but it will also reach a wider range of audience.

Tip #4 – Curate inspiring and high quality images onto your boards. Pinterest is a very visually driven social media platform so the use of appealing and shareable images is a key factor in driving traffic. Understand what type of images optimize repins and likes. This article explains the best practices for using Pinterest-friendly images – Science of the Perfect Pinterest Post

Tip #5 – Approach Pinterest as you would with Facebook and Twitter. Sharing is caring in every social media platform. To grow a thriving Pinterest community for your brand, you must engage and network with other people. Repin and like images from your followers and be sure to follow relevant people and brands in your industry to develop relationships. The more you engage the more influence you have on your community.

Share your favorite Pinterest tips in the comment section below.

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  • I agree with the third point that mentions variety being a key strategy. You don’t want a strictly promotional profile that is only going to promote your product or service. You want to make sure that you are given your readers something to look forward to whenever they visit your profile. Give your readers a variety of topics to discuss and pictures to look at. I think that networking is important as well because you want to have a good relationship with your followers, which will allow them to want to keep coming back to your page and asking more questions and just leaving comments in general.

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