Using Pinterest for Events: 5 Easy Ways

Today, on a Google+ Hangout about Pinterest Marketing, I was asked how Pinterest can be used for events. That got me going. And I had to blog about it.

Using Pinterest for Events

Pinterest isn’t just for event planning. It can also be used to promote events and engage attendees.

Pinterest is different from facebook, twitter and Google+. Pinterest is not a real-time platform; conversely, pins tend to continue generating traffic for weeks after they’ve been posted. Pinterest is also not particularly conversational (though the new redesign may impact that). Nevertheless, using Pinterest for events has substantial potential. You just need to do it the right way.

Here are 5 ways using Pinterest for events can make perfect sense:

1. Share presentations or key slides from the event on Pinterest.

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Since Pinterest allows you to upload your own images, you can take screenshots of slides or demos and share them with notes on the key point. For extra credit: add a link to the great Slideshare presentations in the pin description. Here’s a great example: Tapping into Pinterest from Digital Summit.

2. Establish your subject matter expertise year-round with Content Marketing on Pinterest.

Pinterest is great for content marketing. Checkout PinLeague on Pinterest for examples: we have boards on Pinterest Marketing Tips, Pinterest Case Studies, Social Marketing, and more. People attend conferences in part for the content, so remind them year round why they want t come again next year- and attract new fans in the process!

3.Give event attendees and speakers another way to network.

Create community boards and let attendees or speakers develop the content for you. It’s a great way to grow as an event organizer on Pinterest while giving building your community. PinMail can help you identify attendees who use Pinterest to target your outreach: PinMail – Socially Powered Pinterest Email Marketing (not to mention those who use facebook and twitter).

4. Use private boards to seed content to the press.

Have some big announcements coming at the event? Want to seed certain stories? Give bloggers and reporters to get exclusive content before the event using Private Pinterest Boards.

5. Collect photos from attendees.

The Pinterest mobile app allows you to pin photos from your mobile device. Invite attendees to contribute to a collaborator board and you have an instant, crowd-sourced photo album of the event. You can even turn it into a contest and give prizes to the most repinned photos.

(Good question, Cheryl Lawson from Social Media Tulsa!)

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