Using Pinterest and Infographics to Drive Website Traffic

Do you use Infographics and Pinterest to drive website traffic to you? Pinterest is new on the social media scene and many business owners are struggling to figure out how to take advantage of potential customers using Pinterest. Pinterest is a pin board style, image sharing website. Pinterest allows users to create group “boards” based on interests, themes, hobbies, events or styles. Users can then pin images to boards that are shared with other users who have the same interest.

You can also create a business page on Pinterest. Users now may browse your Pinterest board in alternative to your website.

Sites like Pinterest are successful because it makes it easy for users to share something they like or find helpful with others who share the same interest. An Infographic allows you to share information in a condensed way. Infographics allow you to drive website traffic by creating an overall image to capture a customers interest.

Why you should use Infographics to drive website traffic

With so many social media sites out there it can be difficult to find the time to break into the world of Infographics and Pinterest. You can get started by spending 10-15 minutes on Pinterest and begin to build a following. Infographics are a great place to start.

  • Creating Infographics gives you a way to share your information in an image.
  • An infographic is a quick way to learn about a topic.
  • Infographics allow you to express information in a “picture” form.
  • Infographics are more likely to be read then text articles.

You can use Infographics to drive website traffic by creating a social media buzz when others share or pin your image.

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How to create an Infographic to drive website traffic

Most people are overwhelmed at the thought of creating an Infographic. There is no need to worry. There are many websites that will help you create a great looking Infographic that will drive website traffic and increase your visibility. Check out some of the sites I have listed below:

  • – offers visual themes with drag and drop capabilities to easily customize the image with your information.
  • – easily allows you to transfer data into charts.
  • Venngage – Vennage not only allows you to create graphics. The success of the image is tracked allowing you to track your results.
  • Piktochart – Piktochart offers 6 different Infographic themes for free. They are customizable with the ease of dragging and dropping the images.

What to keep in mind when creating an Infographic

Now that you have some direction to go get stared on your Infographic, there are a few things you should remember so that your efforts pay off. Infographics must be well thought out. Below are some things to consider:

  • The Infographic you create needs to be powerful. To drive website traffic you need to capture a customer that is inundated with data.
  • Your graphic should stand out. It should have a visual appeal to draw the viewers eye and want to look more.
  • The data you use to create your Infographic must be from a trusted source. Remember your image is only as good as the information it contains

Pinterest is growing rapidly and is something you should definitely take advantage off. Pinterest is another tool to use to grow your visibility. Infographics are an eye catching and impressive way to drive website traffic.

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