Understanding the Business Benefits of Pinterest

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  • Thanks Shell for sharing these ‘Pinteresting’ tips! I think that not all businesses can benefit from this site, but then again, I may be wrong. The challenge is how can those in the commerce side of things leverage this site when it’s so visually-oriented. Those in retail, art, fashion, food, travel industry and the likes have an upper hand. But let’s say, you’re in the legal, software or accounting field – maybe, you’d better be spending your time elsewhere. Your thoughts?

    • I’ve read a few articles recently where authors are convinced all businesses should be on Pinterest! I’m not so sure myself, I think it works better for some than for others like you say and if a solicitor came to me and wanted me to put a marketing package together, depending on their objectives, Pinterest wouldn’t be near the top of the list, but I think a businesses objectives influence that more than their sector.

  • I’ve had a tough time getting my head around the Pinterest for business idea, and need to invest more time into understanding, and developing a plan of action for utilizing it for the best effect. I heard they just introduced Analytics which will make quantifying a whole lot easier!

    • Hi Warren, it seems that quite a few people ‘don’t get’ Pinterest, but the same can also be said for Twitter. People tend to get Facebook as the majority of people are already using Facebook personally, so find it easier to get their heads around the benefits of that particular platform.

      Analytics have in fact been introduced, and only 2 days after their official blog post telling us! It is nice to see stats direct from Pinterest, but I think there is still some work to do on making sure their analytic provides useful insights. From my use of it so far, i’ve not really learned anything useful, but early days, and i’m hopeful! :)

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